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June 21, 2017

Here comes the summer!

Filed under: News — Sara Stock @ 2:44 pm

The sun is shining and the sky is blue – and many of us are getting ready to jet off somewhere even hotter, or to make the most of the British coast and countryside. But spare a thought for your colleagues still hard at work.

This year, ensure your colleagues won’t suffer in your absence because vital work is out of their reach in your mailbox or M drive.

You could:

  • Have planned handovers to team members before you go
  • Let your regular contacts know who to contact while you are away
  • Set up rules to forward some or all of your email elsewhere
  • Use your out of office to direct people to someone who can help
  • Change your phone’s voicemail message, or redirect your calls to a colleague
  • Store or move digital files to somewhere that your colleagues can access

If you’re not on holiday, but perhaps working from home, don’t forget that the safe (and convenient) way to access all of your work information from home is through Open VPN.

Enjoy the sunshine!




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