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April 27, 2017

[Resolved] FASER – Degraded service

Filed under: FASER, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Samantha Thornton @ 3:14 pm

Update – 02 May – 09:33

After monitoring FASER over the weekend, we believe that the issue has now been resolved.


Update – 28 April – 12:51

We believe that FASER has now overcome the majority of performance issues that it was facing yesterday afternoon. A small number of users may encounter pages which time out.

As before, students are advised to attempt to upload to FASER in the first instance, and then contact their department if they are still having issues.


Update – 28 April – 09:55

FASER has had additional hardware added to improve performance, however this service is still considered as at risk. We are actively investigating the root cause.

As before – We still advise you to try uploading to FASER first, please be patient.

If you’re unsuccessful, please contact your department.


Update – 18:00

We are still investigating the cause of FASER’s performance issues, but we believe that the problem is partially resolved.

As before, student’s are advised to try uploading to FASER first, then contact their department if they are unsuccessful.


Update – 16:51

FASER is still experiencing issues – We are still working to find the cause.

If students have a deadline between today and 10am tomorrow (28/04/2017) please do the following:

– Try to upload your work to FASER first;

– If this doesn’t work, please contact your department.

Departments have been made aware of the issues, and may relay advice to students with deadlines.


Original – 14:45

We are currently experiencing issues with loading times on the following services:


This is being investigated, and should resume normally as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Network issues following power problems.

Filed under: Network, PC Labs, [Resolved], [Service Alert], [Unresolved] — Network Manager @ 11:49 am

There are currently network issues in the following areas of the University:

Area around the Campus shop on floor 6

William Morris tower (staff)


PC Lab M


Thease areas are without network because the power has tripped out to the network devices and we are awaiting Estates to restore power to these areas.

The University of Essex will moderate comments and there will be a delay before any posts appear.

[Service Alert] IT services recovering after University power failure

Filed under: Network, Other, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Dan Jolly @ 11:29 am

IT services are recovering following the recent University-wide power failure. However if you’re experiencing any IT problems please report them to the IT Helpdesk so we can investigate.

Please note IT lab M is currently closed while we work to restore the power.

The University of Essex will moderate comments and there will be a delay before any posts appear.

[Resolved] Problem opening MS Office (Word, Excel) in SharePoint websites

Filed under: SharePoint, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Sharon Steeples @ 9:57 am

UPDATE: 3:00pm Friday 28 April

The last remaining problem with the thumbnail document previews not appearing in the hover panels for ESF and UG/PG EAF is resolved. The fix requires all files for ESF/ECF/PGEAF/UGEAF to be re-indexed by the SharePoint search service. Search indexing is a little resource hungry, so we are-indexing according to highest need, first.
All 2016/17 files are done.
Files for 2015/16 and 2014/15 are currently being indexed and will start to preview shortly.
The remaining older files (2013/14 and prior) will be re-indexed over the Bank Holiday, and all should be working by start of business on Tuesday.

UPDATE: 12:00 noon Friday 28 April

This issue has been fixed for the majority of our users. Unfortunately there is still one smaller residual issue outstanding: users of ESF and PG/UG EAF will not have access to the hover-panel thumbnail document previews feature (eDocs). The SharePoint Team are investigating how this last part of service can be restored.

UPDATE: 9:00pm Thursday 27 April
Significant investigation work has been on-going throughout the day. The issue is not yet resolved, but a workaround has been configured to assist users in the meantime. Office documents (Word/Excel) should now open in the native application on your PC, rather than in your web browser. PDF files should now open in your browser without issue. Work is continuing and further updates will be posted here.


There is currently an issue affecting SharePoint users – this is manifesting as users being unable to open MS Office (Word, Excel) in browser, from SharePoint websites.

Websites affected include:

  • ESF  (includes PG EAF, UG EAF, ESF, Reporting)
  • SP Intra
  • MySites

This is being investigated with urgency. Any inconvenience is regretted.

Below are examples of the error messages you may see if you are affected by this issue.



















SharePoint Team

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April 24, 2017

[Resolved] Problem with some IT services due to earlier University power issue

Filed under: Network, Wi-Fi, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Dan Jolly @ 4:05 pm

Some IT services that rely on the network were temporarily unavailable this afternoon. This was due to an issue with the University’s main power supply which affected some of our core network equipment.

We believe the issue is now under control, however IT Services staff continue to monitor the situation closely.

Please restart your computer if you experience any residual problems.

More information to follow if any problems return.

The University of Essex will moderate comments and there will be a delay before any posts appear.


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