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March 14, 2017

Good news – we’ve increased your file storage space!

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All students and staff now get at least 1 GB of M:\Drive storage space.

You can access your M:\Drive from any computer on campus. Your M:\Drive is good place to store files that are personal to you, for example your coursework, important documents etc. You can also access your M:\Drive off campus.

If you need more space, or want a quick and easy way to share files with friends or colleagues, then you can use your University OneDrive account. With this you get:

  • 1 TB of cloud storage space
  • access to Office online for editing documents in a web browser
  • easy access on and off campus, and on your mobile device with the OneDrive app
  • the ability to seamlessly sync files to your personal computers

To access your OneDrive account, sign in to , click the top-left menu button and then select OneDrive:



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