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November 9, 2016

Who’s Using Lynda? Part 6

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The last video in our 6 part series, features Matt Burch, Lecturer in Philosophy & Art History. Matt explains how useful Lynda is to him as a lecturer in maximising his engagement with students and expanding the reach of his teaching in different learning environments.


You’ve been watching some Lynda videos, which videos have you watched?

“So far I have used it to learn how to use Prezi, which is a presentation software, it’s kinda a competitor brand to PowerPoint, and I’ve also watched some videos on Camtasia which is a screen casting software. And basically I’m going to use the two of them in conjunction with each other to create online content for my modules. So one of my frustrations is I’ve had limited contact hours with my students, so this is going to allow me to expand the amount of contact that I have with them.

Do you have any other plans to integrate these into your teaching further?

“Well it’s something I’m thinking about and I want to start encouraging them to take advantage of the basic skills videos that are available on Lynda so they can learn those in conjunction with a philosophical education, I think that would be extremely useful for them.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“The videos were excellent quality they were up-to-date. The prezi video for example it just took me step by step through all the elements of the software and taught me how to use it in a very straight forward way. I think one thing that prevents people from learning how to use new tools like that, is that just jumping on and trying to make sense of it on your own, it’s very difficult to navigate, and plus it can be a real time waster if you’re just sitting there tinkering with it hour after hour. So it was nice to have these instructional videos take me through it point by point in a logical way and then also allowed me to practice it.”

Would you recommend using Lynda to others?

“I have already recommend it to others and I will continue to do so. I think it’s really useful for these reasons. I mean it has its limits, like any tool but if you want to acquire new technical skills that can allow you to expand the reach of your teaching to your students in different learning environments, I think it’s extremely useful and I would recommend it.”

How are you planning on using Lynda next?

“Well the next thing I want to do is develop a YouTube Channel where I can upload the videos that I’m creating and that’s another thing that’s going to save me a lot of time doing that. So I think I would be intimidated to do it if I didn’t have instruction, I don’t want to burden some friend of mine to sort of get them to teach me how to do it, and I don’t want to just try and do it on my own and waste a whole bunch of time because I’m busy like everyone else. And so I’m going to use it for that, I just already found that there are videos that will teach me how to do that. And also down the road I want to improve my ability to use Excel. And I’ve also taken in the past in statistic and I learnt how to use SPSS, but that skill is very rusty and they have great modules, full modules on Lynda that will help me, sort of, dust off those skills. So that’s where I’m planning on using it next.”


Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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