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November 17, 2016

Who’s using Lynda? Bonus

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As a bonus video to our six part series, we see Jo Carrington, Health & Safety Adviser for HR who has been working on a project, looking at ways to improve engagement with the Health & Safety community here at Essex. She is running a monthly webinar series for all the Health & Safety Liaison Officers and DSE Facilitators, and has been learning how best to do this through videos.

Jo CarringtonHello, my name is Jo Carrington and I’m a Health and Safety Adviser at the university.

I used Lynda to learn how to host my own webinar on risk assessment. I chose the Lynda course, Webinar Fundamentals, because I was starting from absolute scratch. The nice thing about it was broken into 5 and 10 minute chunks, because the whole course was about 2 hours long and it meant that you can dip in and pick up bits when you have a spare moment. The other nice thing about the course was that it came with a resources pack that you could download, and that actually helped me plan my webinar. The information it gave me was enough so that I could ask the right questions of the right people at the university to learn how to host, how to promote it and I ran the webinar in September and I had about 24 people on the day, but since then I’ve had about 60 views. I really like the idea of using webinars because they’re cross campus, everyone gets the same information at the same time and I’m definitely going to use the medium again. I recommend Lynda to others because it gives you the right information, at your desk, in easy to digest, bite-size chunks, and it really did set me up and give me confidence to host my own webinar, and using the technology.


Since filming this video, Jo has also watched and learned from Building Templates in Word and Word 2014: Templates in Depth to help her make her department’s online word document resources easier to use and standardise format. “I could watch and apply as I went along. Great! It was a nice update on my last word training about 10 years ago!”

Login today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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