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October 18, 2016

Who’s using Lynda? Part 3

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Part three in our Lynda series – we hear from Michael Richards who recently graduated from Computer Science. For him, “Lynda is one of the most valuable tools there is”; it allowed him to gain an edge and get a very good grade. Click on the image to see the video or view the transcript below:

RichardsMichael_1You have used Lynda so what sort of videos have you watched?

“Mainly just about Computer Science and it’s really helped me for learning to program and sometimes a few others things like video editing, things like that, because I used to do graphics design, so it’s really handy.”

Were these for studies, work, personal or all three?

“Pretty much all three because I sometimes do a lot of personal projects, things like that and it’s also helped me with my course as well and it’s more or less to do with programming, so when I had to do the final major project for University, it’s really helped me out.”

Would you recommend using Lynda to others?

“Yes, definitely, it’s one of the most useful tools that there are.”

How valuable do you think it was to your studies?

“It’s very valuable for me because for my final project I was working for my year 3, I had to teach myself everything I needed to know about things that they didn’t tell me about at University and it’s allowed me to gain a really good edge and sort of understand more about what I could have taught about at University so it’s definitely helped me to get a very good grade.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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