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October 11, 2016

Who’s using Lynda? Part 2 featuring Chris Saker, Lecturer in Mathematics

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Part two of the Lynda video series features Chris Saker, Lecturer in Mathematics. Chris explains how he incorporates Lynda courses directly into his modules to enhance his students’ learning experience. Click on the image to see the video or view the transcript below:

SakerChrisYou’ve been watching some Lynda videos, which sort of videos have you watched?

“Primarily I was watching videos that were relating to one of the modules I was teaching and last year I taught a first year module for our mathematical sciences students ‘An introduction to computing’ and one of the packages that they have to learn for that module is MatLab and so I was looking for any videos that could support them in learning MatLab.”

How do you plan to integrate these into your teaching?

“The time of year that became aware of Lynda was actually after the spring term had already finished so I used them for the students primarily as a revision tool. There was a MatLab course on available Lynda and it was actually quite a long course it had more information that the students needed for the module that I was teaching them so what I was able to do was go through and make a playlist of all of the parts of the course that were relevant to the students because the whole course is obviously made up of a series of shorter videos so I was able to make a playlist of the bits that were useful to them and then make that available via Moodle to support them in their revision.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“I found the videos quite easy to follow I mean the large course that I looked at, as I say, was broken up into lots of subsections and the subsections all had names which related directly to the content of that short chunk of video, so it was a very easy process to go through this long course and pick out the pieces that I needed my students to see.”

Would you recommend using Lynda to others?

“Yes I absolutely would recommend that other people have a look at Lynda. I mean I was able to find a course that was directly relating to the content of the module that I was teaching. But even if that wasn’t the case, there are still videos that students would genuinely find useful. For example, I found there were videos on there for preparing for exams and for videos for helping with time management, so even if there isn’t something relating directly to your course, I’m sure you’ll find something on there that would be of use to your students.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Lynda?

“Yes, I think that Lynda will hopefully, moving forwards, fit in very well with existing ways I have of teaching. So I already make videos and upload them to Moodle for my students to see – now of course that means that they’re seeing me in their classes, or their labs or their lectures, and then when they’re watching the videos they’re hearing my voice again. So the hope is that seeing some of this material delivered by other people, who will naturally be using different ways of explaining things, will help reinforce some of the things that I’m trying to teaching my students and make for a better learning experience.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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