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October 4, 2016

See who’s using Lynda – Part 1 in our six part video series…

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The first video in the series introduces Josh O’Connor, the outgoing VP of Services and Communications, from the Students’ Union talking about how Lynda gives our students the opportunity to learn new skills that make them more employable. Click on the image to watch the video or view the transcript below:

OConnorJoshWhat sort of videos have you watched?

“Different coding videos so something like HTML, Trinity1 css, java script. Watching a few management videos as well, like project management. Using learning pathways which are the latest different course that help you on certain career path, which has actually been really useful for me.”

Is this for work or personal or both?

“I mean I’ve also wanted to do the coding stuff, so that was kinda personal, but I don’t know, I suppose it’s all about trying to make yourself a bit more employable and things like that nowadays. I do find the topics genuinely interesting which is always a bonus.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“Actually the videos are quite easy to follow. I actually watch them at like 1.5 times the speed that they normally play at, probably because I’m impatient. But they’re quite easy to follow and you can even watch them quicker than they’re supposed to be watched.”

Would you recommend Lynda to others?

“I have recommended to a lot of people. I’m actually leaving soon so I won’t have access to it, so I’m actually trying to convince my parents that’s it’s a good idea for them so that they’ll buy it and I can use it at home.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Lynda?

“I think, when I heard the University were doing this trial I was quite excited. It’s a big investment for them but in terms of giving our students the opportunity to learn skills that are absolutely crucial to becoming employable, I think it’s worth every single penny and the more that you guys can push it and get it out there, the second people start watching these videos and realising just how much content and much opportunities there are to learn different things, they will definitely reap the rewards.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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