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October 19, 2016

Ongoing problems affecting wifi and attendance monitoring devices

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Updated at 11:38

Following a reset of affected switches, we believe that all Wi-Fi access points and all attendance monitoring devices were fully operational by 2100 on Wednesday 19th October 2016.

The cause of the problem was the brief electrical power cuts early on 18th October. The power cuts caused some network devices to stop working properly. Unfortunately, the only fix was to power-cycle the affected devices which we we’re reluctant to do during work hours as this would have briefly affected network access for others in teaching or office spaces.


In addition to the issues affecting some SIP telephones (see there are also some known issues affecting some Wi-Fi access points and some of the attendance monitoring devices. The cause of the problems are related to the disruption to electrical power yesterday morning (18th October 2016). We hope to have resolved the majority of the issues by Thursday 20th October.

Where there are issues with Wi-Fi access points, there will be either no or slower than usual access to the Internet via eduroam.

The issues with the attendance monitoring devices mean that they are simply not functioning.

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