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October 25, 2016

[Resolved] Re: Problem with SIP telephones

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved] — Andy Tyne @ 5:05 pm

Following a widespread power cut, several network devices were compromised by the power demands on re-connection. As and when a notification of a problem was received, IT Services colleagues re enabled the network equipment to allow the SIP phones and other devices to resume operation.

If you experience any other telephone related issues please go to:

or email

Thank you for your patience with this problem.


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October 24, 2016

[Service Alert] Delays in producing Listen Again podcasts (MP3 and MP4 files)

Filed under: Listen Again, [Service Alert] — Benjamin Steeples @ 3:59 pm

There is currently an issue with Listen Again ( which is delaying the creation of a small number of MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) files. This has been traced back to a problem in the underlying lecture capture software (Panopto) which we are working with the software supplier to resolve.

Users may encounter lecture recordings which are lacking MP3 and MP4 links, and are instead displaying a ‘Processing‘ message. Recordings can still be accessed via the advanced player which is available via the ‘Play online‘ link. Note that this requires you to log in as username rather than

We apologise for any inconvenience.



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[Service Alert: Resolved] Problem with network access at Colchester Campus

Filed under: Network, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Dan Jolly @ 12:49 pm

There was a brief network problem between 12:40pm and 12:45pm. The problem has now been resolved.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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October 21, 2016

Who’s using Lynda? Part 4

Filed under: Elearning, IT Training, Lynda — sgswaine @ 11:22 am

Alex Porter, a Performance Volleyball coach, is fourth in our video series. He uses and recommends the app to download and watch videos offline and loves the fact that he can watch videos in 1.5 x speed to save time. Click on the image to see the video play or view the transcript below:

PorterAlexYou have used for training videos, what sort of videos have you watched?

“I’ve used Lynda to help me with a number of different areas to help me with work. I’ve used it for management tips, also the science of learning and overcoming certain areas such as procrastination and study skills so it’s not just been for myself but also for the students I work with.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“I found the videos really useful I also found that actually I didn’t have to watch them I could just listen to them at the same time, almost like an audio blog, and I found that they flow together quite nicely.”

Would you recommend Lynda to others?

“Definitely, I recommended them to my students that I work with to help them especially in stressful times, and exam times to make sure that they’re able to maximise their time, their learning but also to explore different areas that they might not learn as part of their degree, but around the outside of their degree.”

Are there any other features that you like about

“Two of the best features that I found is that the videos were quite short in length so that if you’ve only got twenty minutes, half an hour to spare, you’re able to get through four or five videos and then pause it and come back another time that is convenient for you. Which means that some of the courses which are five to six hours long you’re able to do over a longer period of time. The second feature I found that was really useful was using the app on the mobile phone, which allowed me to listen to certain course when I was driving, sat at home, without having to watch the video the whole time.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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October 19, 2016

Ongoing problems affecting wifi and attendance monitoring devices

Filed under: Network, Wi-Fi, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Bret Giddings @ 5:37 pm

Updated at 11:38

Following a reset of affected switches, we believe that all Wi-Fi access points and all attendance monitoring devices were fully operational by 2100 on Wednesday 19th October 2016.

The cause of the problem was the brief electrical power cuts early on 18th October. The power cuts caused some network devices to stop working properly. Unfortunately, the only fix was to power-cycle the affected devices which we we’re reluctant to do during work hours as this would have briefly affected network access for others in teaching or office spaces.


In addition to the issues affecting some SIP telephones (see there are also some known issues affecting some Wi-Fi access points and some of the attendance monitoring devices. The cause of the problems are related to the disruption to electrical power yesterday morning (18th October 2016). We hope to have resolved the majority of the issues by Thursday 20th October.

Where there are issues with Wi-Fi access points, there will be either no or slower than usual access to the Internet via eduroam.

The issues with the attendance monitoring devices mean that they are simply not functioning.

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