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August 10, 2016

[Service Alert] Problem affecting inbound landline calls at Colchester Campus.

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11 August 2016 12:00 : Update

Our service provider believes that the problem has now been corrected, though they are still investigating the underlying cause of the problem.

We’re still performing tests but are confident that this issue is now resolved.


11 August 2016: 10:50 : Update

We are continuing to work with our service provider and system maintainer on this problem, which is intermittent. Inbound calls from mobile phones and landlines appear to be affected.

A further update on the problem will be given before 3:30 today.


10 August 2016: 13:50 – Original Alert:

Calls made to a Colchester extension number from a landline (BT or otherwise) are failing to connect. This was first noticed at around 11:00.

The problem has been reported to our system maintainer and the University’s service provider.

Calls made from a mobile device are not affected.

Outbound calls are not affected.

We are not getting reports of any problems at Southend or Loughton.


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