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May 31, 2016

[Service Alert] Problem with emergency phones in all accommodation areas at Colchester Campus, except The Quays.

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Message Update, 1 June 2016, 10:15:

Cablecom will be onsite this afternoon to reconfigure or replace their equipment as required. We expect this to resolve the problem by 16:00.

Message Update, 16:00:

We are continuing to work with Cablecom to implement a solution. Further updates will be made if there is a significant change to the situation.

Message Update, 14:00:

The solution to bypass the affected equipment appears to have been successful, however the service is still non-operational. The system maintainer and operator, Cablecom, have been contacted.

Original Message, 31 May 2016,  10:30:

Following the heavy rain this morning and resultant flooding of the Tony Rich Teaching Centre, power to critical equipment serving the accommodation emergency telephones was disconnected.

We are working on a temporary solution to bypass this equipment and expect a resolution within two hours.

This problem is not affecting The Quays.


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