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May 16, 2016

Here’s what our competition winners had to say about…

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Fabian Freyenhagen receiving his voucher from our very own Sally Swaine

Fabian Freyenhagen receiving his voucher from our very own Sally Swaine

Meet our staff competition winners Elena Dirstaru, from Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies and  Fabian Freyenhagen from Philosophy and Art History. Elena won the voucher for ‘Dinner for two’ at Wivenhoe House Hotel by watching videos on photo editing, job hunting, pitching to investors and starting a business. Fabian won the £20 Amazon voucher and watched videos on Prezi.

We interviewed the winners about their experience using to found out a bit more about how they have been using it, and the courses they have explored so far. Check out what they had to say:

What courses have you looked at on Lynda?

ED: “I am a documentary filmmaker, and I am very interested in cinematography and editing, and I was very surprised to see so many fantastic courses on these two specific topics. The courses range from teaching you the most basic things you need to know about editing software, to very advanced and very specific cinematography courses, or lighting courses.”

FF: “A course on the presentation software “Prezi”. I had used that software before, but my sense was that I was not using it to the full potential and I wanted a proper grounding in its features and capabilities. At the same time, I was working on a presentation, so I could apply my new knowledge straight away and try it out. I could do more things and had more control, and the presentation was well-received.”

What features of Lynda do you like? Which do you use the most?

ED: “I have only been using Lynda for a couple of months, so I’m still getting to grips with it. I have mostly been watching courses to do with filmmaking, and I really like the fact that you can make notes on each video, and that it is very well organised, making it very easy to go back to something you would like to watch again. Some of these courses are over 24 hours long, and that may be off putting at first – but actually it is incredibly helpful and really fantastic, because you get to work at your own pace, and you can start learning as a complete beginner. Everything is explained very clearly and in an engaging way, so you never get bored.”

FF: “Being able to create customised playlists but also benefiting from those curated by our TEL team. The ease of navigation within courses to get to what I wanted to learn about. The way the video, the transcript and the note-making facility are integrated.”

What have you learned from that you have been able to apply in your day-to-day activities?

ED: “All those courses were really fantastic and very helpful, and I hope the University will decide to keep the access to after the 6 months trial. It’s genuinely a great tool for learning, and I’d certainly encourage my Film students to use it to learn more about filmmaking. I was amazed by how much material there is, and the best part is that you can just learn in your own time, from a proper source, not YouTube videos.”

FF: “I often have to give presentations, and often suffer from seeing stale ones. Being able to up my game on presenting material (and advising others on how to do so) will help with my day-to-day activities.”

Would you recommend to others?

ED: “I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, the range of courses is really fantastic and it makes learning new things very easy, and very engaging. If you are only just learning how to use a software, it really helps to go back to the course and look at the video that explains what you are interested in again. The courses are very accessible, and they have different levels, so anyone can choose whether they are complete beginners or they already know something about the topic – that way everyone can learn at their own pace.

FF: “Yes, I think what I look for most in IT support is something tailored for my particular need that I can learn without committing to being at a specific place and time, and allows that. I would think others would find that useful too.”

Do you think the University should keep it?

ED: “I would certainly be very disappointed if the University decided not to keep it. It’s a great new way to learn, and it really complements the university environment.”

FF: “Yes, it offers students and staff a valuable resource to help them navigate our increasingly digital world.”

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