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December 8, 2015

Internet connectivity problems.

Filed under: Network, Wi-Fi, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Network Manager @ 9:29 am

We believe that as of approximately 1.55pm today JISC have managed to install enough filtering to prevent this denial of service attack from having significant imact on Internet connectivity.  However the situation is still being monitored, and connectivity should still be considered at risk.


As of 9.24am yesterday (Monday 7th December) the JANET network has been under cyber attack (a DDoS attack).  The consequence of this is that all network connectivity to off-campus locations may be affected.  We have certainly seen certain web sites affected.  At present the connectivity between campuses has been unaffected, though this too is at risk.  JISC are investigating the issue and are implementing filtering to prevent the attack.  Unfortunately as there are several sources of the attack it is taking time for all the filtering to be put in place to fully mitigate the attack.

A further notice will be issued when more information is available.

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