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October 26, 2015

Turning Point (EVS) software issue

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This information is for those staff who are using Turning Point (EVS) in their lectures. If you do not use Turning Point, you can ignore this message.

Some staff are experiencing problems with PowerPoint and not being able to load the Turning Point software. This seems to be either:

a) the Turning Point Add-in won’t load or appear once PowerPoint has opened


b) Turning Point will complain that PowerPoint is already open somewhere.

It appears this is caused by a conflict between the Turning Point software and Panopto, our lecture capture software. We are currently working with Panopto and Turning Technologies on a solution for this.

In the meantime, if you experience this error, please do the following:

1. Press Ctrl – Alt – Delete

2. Choose Start Task Manager 

3. Select the Processes tab

4. Search for and select the POWERPNT.EXE row from the list

TP_ppt processes

5. Click End Process 

6. A confirmation message should appear. Click End process once more.

7. You can close the Task Manager window.

This should ‘kill off’ any residual instances of PowerPoint and you should be able to load PowerPoint as normal to run your response session. If you have any problems during a response session, please contact the AVS Helpdesk (x 3220) or the Learning Technology Team (x 3659).

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