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November 12, 2013

Watermarking Microsoft Office 2013 documents

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We had noticed that failures were coming in regarding the watermarking of some documents, we identified that the 3rd party piece of software that is used behind the scenes for document checking (Aspose) was not functioning correctly with the new version of Microsoft Office 2013 documents.

The development team have since introduced a fix which should resolve any issues dealing with the version incompatibility however errors now give us a reduced level of informaiton as to where there may be a problem.

Since releasing this fix we haven’t seen any submission failures regarding this specific issue at all, however if you are using Office 2013 and you get a submission failure please use the in FASer contact us form or send LTT an email detailing as much as you can.


6 responses to “Watermarking Microsoft Office 2013 documents”

  1. Richy says:

    Hi Shannon, we are sorry you have had issues with FASer.
    It is best to use the contact us form on the left hand side within FASer when dealing with urgent issues so that we can get your enquiry to the right team. I have forwarded your issue to LTT, they should get in contact with you to hopefully resolve this issue.

  2. Shannon wall says:

    I have been trying to up load my coursework for today at 12 and it will not upload it

  3. LILA BADUKALE says:

    I have read and agree

  4. Laoura says:

    For some reason i cannot get the watermarked file of my assignment . what should i do?

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