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November 25, 2013

New technology videos! Watch and learn with IT Training

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Our IT Training team have just released six new videos to help you learn, connect to and familiarise yourself with some of our popular IT services.

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WATCH: EndNote X7 at the University of Essex

EndNote is a software by Thomson Reuters used to track your references and import these into a Microsoft Word or Open/LibreOffice document using the desired referencing format.

In this screencast we will talk about getting EndNote from the University of Essex and finding resources on how to use it.

WATCH: FASer submission process – submitting coursework online  

FASer is the new coursework submission system used at the University of Essex for handling a multiple number of coursework related tasks.

In this screencast we highlight changes that the coursework system has undergone in order to be updated to FASer, as well as the process of submitting files onto FASer as part of a mock assessment.

WATCH: Accessing your University of Essex Email account on Android 4.x  

In this screencast we highlight the process of linking your Android 4.x JellyBean device to the Microsoft Exchange server in order to use the Office 365 service on your devices.

WATCH: Connecting to Eduroam with an Android 4.x device at the University of Essex  

Eduroam is the service we use at the University of Essex in order to provide WiFi across all of our campuses.

In this screencast we highlight the process of connecting to the Eduroam wireless service at the University of Essex using Android 4.x JellyBean

WATCH: Connecting to the wireless “eduroam” with Windows XP  

This screencast offers step-by-step instructions on connecting your Windows (XP) machine to the international “eduroam” network available at the University of Essex. These instructions are available both as on-screen follow-along steps, as well as audio guidance.

WATCH: Viewing your timetable on iOS  

Accessing your University of Essex timetable has never been easier! Your timetable is filled with lots of useful information and tools to help you: find your classes; listen to older lectures again; and know when your next test will happen. This video will show how easy it is to access it on an iOS device.

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