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January 19, 2016

More to discover in HR Organiser coming soon….

Working better together


People Supporting Strategy

The People Supporting Strategy is the blueprint around which we will build improvements to our processes and the way we do things at the University. One of the first ways our HR team aims to make these improvements is through better use of the HR Organiser system.

Why are we moving to an online system?

HR Organiser provides the University with a secure integrated system where everyone has access to and ownership of their own data and that data is dealt with consistently across the board. It will reduce the need for entering HR data in multiple places and reduce paperwork, giving all of us access to the information we need to do our jobs.

There are five areas of work, all of which will be rolled out over the next academic year:

  1. Recruitment – we already use an online tool for recruiting new staff which doesn’t integrate with HR Organiser. We will be moving away from that to use part of the existing  iHR system which is fully integrated and which will improve the recruiting experience for both candidates and recruiting managers.
  2. Absence –this includes using the system to book annual leave, log sickness absences and other forms of discretionary leave.
  3. Electronic Data Management System – pulling together all paper records and uploading online.
  4. Expenses – moving from a paper based to online system.
  5. Tying this all together is the Organisational Structure review. This work will ensure the information in the system reflects the structure and reporting lines of teams across the University and will give the right people access to the right information.


We have had some real success with our implementation so far. Our Professional Services teams are now using HR Organiser to book annual leave and Learning and Development have had more than 500 courses booked via HR Organiser since October.

Keeping you informed

Did you read our Deputy Vice-Chancellor briefing in early January? Keep an eye out for further updates in Essex Weekly. Have you read the People Supporting StrategyIt sets out how we would like to build and sustain a partnership work environment for all academic and professional services staff.

We will ask for feedback on different functions as they are released and there will be new supporting materials, guidance and events available to help you to become more familiar with the system itself, as well as the people processes it will support. If you have any questions or would like help using any of the systems mentioned above, please email the team at

Get familiar with HR Organiser

We have arranged ‘Using HR Organiser’ sessions, so you can familiarise yourself with the new developments of HR Organiser. These sessions will give you a chance to explore and practice the recording of annual leave and sickness absence based on your actual access; they will also look at the role of People Manager in these processes.

If you would like to attend a ‘Using HR Organiser’ session, log onto HR Organiser to book your day and time slot.

Please email for further queries.

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