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27 January 2014

Introducing your Editor, Luiza

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Luiza Sandru

Your Editor, Luiza Sandru

Hello everyone! My name is Luiza Sandru and I am the temporary editor of the Essex Spirit Blog. I started my Student Communications Frontrunner position at the beginning of the spring term and my main duty here is to find news that interests students about our University, write the articles and post them regularly on the blog and newsletter.

Even though I am in my 2nd year of studies in the Government Department, studying Politics with Human Rights, writing is one of my passions so I am absolutely delighted that I got the amazing chance of being a Student Communications Frontrunner. I am quite involved in the University and the Students’ Union: I am the Lifestyle Deputy Editor for the Rabbit Newspaper, the Events officer for the Tea Society and I also work as a Student Ambassador for the University, so you might have seen me around in my purple T-shirt.

What we want to introduce this term is to get students involved in the newsletter as well. So if you have an idea that you want to write about or you already have an article that you think might interest students, email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. It would be wonderful to have you on board!

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31 October 2013

Top tips and memories of Essex – hear from our PVC Education professor Jane Wright

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She spoke to all new students at the Welcome Talks and you can now hear more from our PVC Education Professor Jane Wright as Languages and Linguistics student Alex Ashton-Cobb interviews her for our Vimeo channel.

Not only does she give her top tips to new students but she also reveals a little about her own first day here at the University of Essex.

Alex Ashton-Cobb interviews Professor Jane Wright

Alex Ashton-Cobb interviews Professor Jane Wright

Watch the video on our Vimeo channel.

As PVC Education, Professor Jane Wright is a member of the University’s executive leadership team and plays a central role in the development and implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan. She is responsible for developing the University’s education strategy and for ensuring its effective implementation.

She also represents the University nationally and internationally in relation to education issues, raising the profile and reputation of the University and influencing national and international policies and agendas in this area. She spends 20 per cent of her time undertaking research at the highest level and maintaining and developing her research career.

The PVC Education is a member of the University Steering Group, Strategy and Resources Committee and Senate.

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11 October 2013

Your thoughts on Welcome Week

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our Frontrunner Miguel has been speaking to new students about their experiences

our Frontrunner Miguel has been speaking to new students about their experiences

As our new students start to settle in and get stuck into their studies, our communications Frontrunner Miguel went out about about on the Colchester Campus to find out about their initial impressions, thoughts, and highlights from their first experiences of University of Essex life.

First year psychology student Izzy, is keen to get involved in the University’s sports offer. She said:  “I’m going to join Cheerleading. I went for the teaser session, and that was really fun. I also went to try out swimming yesterday, and then I’m planning to go to Netball on Tuesday. There’s a lot of clubs and societies to join. Clubs and societies are the place to go if you want to find people with the same interests as you.”

Andrew, a first year Computer Science student, has come down with a bought of fresher’s flu, but isn’t letting it spoil his experience. He said: “Welcome Week was really good, apart from having fresher’s flu! The atmosphere is pretty good, everybody is enthusiastic and I plan to join basketball and the e-sports society. Campus accommodation is great, I am meeting a lot of new people all at once, and having space to yourself just makes it even better.”

Emma, a second year International Relations student, has been particularly enjoying the social aspect of University life: “I think this year’s Welcome Week was a lot better, we had Metal Meltdown on Saturday, which was absolutely amazing, and Weatus on Tuesday, which happened to be my birthday night out, which was really good. I’ve already paid most of my memberships already. I’m in the Politics Society, Conservative Futures, debating society, and a few others. I’m living in town this year and am really missing living on campus, because everything is so close. You feel you’re in your own little campus and that you don’t need to leave except to go to Tesco, but it’s still fun, I still feel a part of everything.” She said.

Curtis, a first year English Language student is getting stuck into everything. He said: “I found Welcome Week it really fun. I met a lot of new people, so it was really cool, and there was a lot on offer to do, so it was a good experience. I’ve signed up for the e-sports society and I’m still looking online a few other ones that I found interesting. I’ve been to quite a few events in Sub-zero because I bought the Megapass. It was nice to cut the line and to not have to worry about buying tickets. I’m living at the Quays, so it’s a bit further to walk than most people, but I do like being close to campus and being able to just walk out and come and see everything. Everyone is really friendly, because all first years are in the same boat as me. They all want to make friends, so it’s really easy to talk to people. Even the second and third year students are all really friendly and always willing to give advice.”   

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