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17 March 2014

Studying in Paris – A study experience

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Andreea is currently doing her study abroad year in Paris

The Study Abroad programme is very popular among students at our University. With 35 countries that you can go and study in, you will be sure that you can find a place that you will love and that offers your course at the same time.  Andreea Iliuta is one of the students doing a year abroad. She is a Politics and Modern Languages student and she choose to go and study at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II, a very renowned university there in Paris as she has told us – its faculty of law is regarded as the most prestigious in France.

Andreea describes Paris through a quote someone told us on the bus in Paris: “Paris is special, people are different there. Southern France is different, in general, from Northern France, but Parisians are quite different themselves from other French people”. Full of busy and stylish people, the Parisians know when to take a break and to enjoy a glass of wine. “Lunch breaks are very important here. Sometimes even banks might close during that period.”

When we asked her about how it is to study in a different country she confessed that least for her, it was extremely difficult at the beginning. “Adapting to a new system of teaching in another language was very challenging. Professors here don’t use PowerPoint presentations (only a very few), nor are lectures available online. Students write down everything during lectures while the professor speaks freely, like in a conversation.” In the second semester she cannot keep up completely with the pace, but she is happy that she definitely improved since the first semester and she is taking notes of what is most important. Andreea was also offered campus accommodation. “they have about pretty much everything: a theatre, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a bank, an amazingly beautiful, enormous park, an indoor pool, a gym, a library, all in one big “house”, la Maison Internationale. People from all over the world reside here, varied nationalities just like at our beloved University.”

The most important advice Andreea gave to students that are thinking to go for a year abroad is to research the niversity thoroughly. Like in her example, the universities can have very high expectations and you need to be sure that you can cope with the work volume. When it comes to visiting, her favorite place is the the 6th arrondissement. , for one, enjoy walking in the 6th arrondissement: with “le Jardin du Luxembourg” especially close to my university and particularly beautiful during warmer seasons, it gives you the impression that you’re not in Paris anymore, but somewhere on the French Riviera; the rue Soufflot, which leads to the Panthéon, a building in the Latin Quarter of Paris, is full of bookstores and reasonably priced cafés, more “student friendly” (counting in this category Bd. Saint-Michel as well); then there is also “la place de l’Odéon”, from where I enjoy walking on a quite small and narrow street called “cours du Commerce-Saint-André” – I drank one of the best hot chocolates there.

If you are interested in getting more information or applying for a term or year abroad don’t hesitate to contact Study Abroad for all the information you need.

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