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12 January 2018

Groove on down with the Students’ Union

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Southend gets into the 2018 spirit with the Students’ Union  packing out the calendar.

An image of Ernest Nyarko

Ernest Nyarko

First on the decks is your very own Vice-President Ernest Nyarko, who’s putting on a house party – ‘90s style in the SU Lounge on Friday 19 January.  Retro tunes and games ensure it will be an evening not to be missed.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate Burns’ Night on Thursday 25 January at a special event in the SU Lounge to mark the birthday of Scotland’s favourite poet Robert Burns.  Organisers Chris Lumby and Vicki Compson-Bradford advise that performers are welcome to take part in the traditional festivities and of course, kilts are optional!

Just Play also returns with a bang on 15 January with an action-packed itinerary all term Mondays to Thursdays.

And if you want to play your part in shaping the Students’ Union in Southend,  the leadership race closes for nominations on 22 January with voting 15 and 16 February.

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11 December 2017

School of Law – photography competition

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CameraShare your experience, show your talent and win a £50 Amazon voucher!

This year we would like students from the School of Law to submit a photo that they’ve taken during their time at Essex. The competition is open to all current School of Law students.

The winning photo will win a £50 Amazon voucher and second place photo will win a £25 Amazon voucher.

How to Enter:

  • This competition is only open to current University of Essex, School of Law students.
  • Only one entry allowed per student.
  • You must submit an original entry (not submitted to any other photography competition).
  • Submissions should be your own work or if you’ve had assistance this must be stated.
  • Submissions should be titled and described in the email in order to provide context to the photograph.
  • Incorrectly completed entries will be disqualified.
  • Photos submission deadline: 24 January 2018 (Week 17).
  • Entries are to be submitted by email to
  • Please make sure your photo is over 1MB in size.
  • By submitting the photos, the students will be granting permission for these images to be used by Essex School of Law for any marketing material/ social media.
  • The winner will be notified at a an event during the Spring Term.

Judging criteria:

  • The aim of the competition is for students to display photos that best captured their experiences of living and studying law at Essex.
  • The winning photo will be judged to be the most visually appealing,  original and self-explanatory.
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8 December 2017

Student Services Hub winter break opening hours.

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The Student Services Hub on the second floor of The Forum will be open as normal from 10am to 4pm on weekdays until Friday 15 December when it will shut at 1pm.

Starting on Monday 18 December until Thursday 21 December the Student Services Hub will move into vacation opening hours from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm.

On Friday 22 December the Hub will be open 10am until 12pm and it will be closed between Monday 25 December and Monday 1 January inclusive.

Tuesday 2 January until Friday 5 January the Hub will return to vacation opening hours, and we’ll be opening for the standard hours of 10am to 4pm from Monday 8 January.

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5 December 2017

Christmas Carol Service round the corner

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Staff and students are invited to the Christmas Carol service on Monday 11 December in Sub-Zero off Square 3. Refreshments start at 7 pm with the service starting at 7.30 pm.

Members of different student societies will lead the singing, including the University show choir, the Jesus Alive Fellowship and the Chinese Christian Fellowship.

Edge Hotel School student Thomas Watkiss who has put the service together said: “It’s a truly multi-cultural event. Everyone I have asked is very keen to take part and it promises to be a vibrant occasion.”

President of the Students’ Union Zoe Garshong said: “I believe that the spirit of Christmas is about unity and bringing people from all walks of life together. That’s what the story of the first Christmas illustrates, the wise men and the shepherds coming together from different backgrounds to celebrate.

“That’s what this carol service is all about, we are trying something new, mixing traditional carols with a modern day twist. It will be amazing to see all the different societies coming together.”

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Making a difference to our environment

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recycling_webLike any large organisation, the University has a big impact on its surrounding environment. The energy and resources we use is a major part of that. We are passionate about sustainability, and we have an ambitious goal to cut our overall carbon footprint by 43% by 2020, compared with 2005 levels. Part of achieving this is through making our buildings more efficient, but it’s also about our community being more aware of the ways we can all reduce our impact.

And that’s where you come in. With thousands of students living and studying at our Colchester and Southend campuses, your actions add up to make a significant difference. We can all play a part in this challenge and it’s simple changes to your habits which can make a difference.

If you live on campus, you’re automatically involved in the Student Switch Off campaign, where we monitor energy-saving and recycling activity, encouraging you to think about your impact. Make some simple changes and you’ll have the chance to win prizes. Here are our top tips:

  • Switch off unused lights and electrical equipment
  • Keep radiators at moderate temperatures
  • Wear a layer before turning radiators up
  • Close windows on colder days
  • Put a lid on pots when cooking
  • Only boil the water you need when using the kettle
  • Put plastic, paper, card, cans and glass in the appropriate recycling bin

When you are on campus, you can do lots of easy but important things too:

  • Refill your own bottle with some fresh, filtered water from one of the water fountains, rather than buying bottled water (tap water in the UK adheres to strict quality controls, so it is perfectly safe to drink).
  • At Colchester, avoid takeaway coffee cups by bringing your own to cafes on campus. You’ll save 10p off every hot drink you buy, too. Lots of high street cafes offer discounts for this as well.
  • Put waste and recycling in the appropriate bins. Items sent for recycling are turned into all sorts of new products, reducing the need to use new materials.

To find out more about sustainability, email Daisy Malt.

Visit the Student Switch Off website for more tips, and like our Facebook page for information on our regular competitions.

For any maintenance issues, including leaky taps, problems with heating or lighting, email the Estates helpdesk.

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4 December 2017

Making sure our campuses are safe and welcoming for everyone

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Zoe Garshong is the President of our Students’ Union. She tells us about the work being done to make sure Essex is a safe place for everyone.

Zoe Garshong

Zoe Garshong

Essex is a place for everyone. That’s why we’ve been working with teams from across the University to make sure our campuses are safe and welcoming places where we can tackle issues like sexual violence, sexual harassment and hate crime head on.

We have zero tolerance for these types of behaviour and our Harrasment Advisory Network offers a confidential service for anyone who has experienced any kind of harassment or bullying.  Whoever you are, and whoever you’re reporting, we will listen to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone in a position of authority, a member of staff, another student or someone from outside of our community. Whenever an incident is reported we will take proportionate action.

However, it’s up to all of us to make sure that Essex is free from this type of behaviour. That’s why we’ve launched initiatives like our Bystander intervention workshops and our #ItEndsNow campaign and why we will always fight to make sure Essex is a place that anyone can call ‘home’.

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Seasonal spirit in Southend

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Ernest Nyarko

Ernest wishes you all a wonderful winter break

The winter break is almost here and the Students’ Union in Southend, led by VP Ernest Nyarko  has a host of activities arranged to put you in the festive spirit in the run up and during the holidays.

Tonight (Friday 8 December)  join in karaoke party night in the SU Lounge starting at 8pm.

The annual Vice-Chancellor’s Christmas party is on Thursday 28 December at the Colchester Campus with free transport provided. The pick-up is outside the Gateway Building at 11am, taking you to the Silberrad Centre for a free Christmas meal and festive celebration. Book your ticket here.

Southend town centre is all lit up for Christmas. To delve even deeper into the seasonal spirit you can enjoy some festive film classics at The Palace Theatre, about 20 minutes’ walk from Campus, where Fred Claus, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Muppets Christmas Carol are being screening in the run-up to 25 December. Visit Southend will also signpost you to lots of different fun events, from pantos to art exhibitions.

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Chasing the Crown

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Dodgeball at our Colchester Campus

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge

Our Project Worker Anton Greenaway is here with our latest update from Essex Crown.

What’s been going on with Essex Crown?

On 21 November departments went toe-to-toe in an epic game of dodgeball. It turns out that Government students are more athletic than actual sports students, as their department came out on top in an epic contest with Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, LiFTs, Language and Linguistics and Sports, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science.

Residence Life and the Essex Crown team also partnered up to host The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Escape Room. Congratulations to Biological Sciences who had the most participants and the fastest time of completion in 8 minutes and 23 seconds. On behalf of all those who took part, those who hold a certain stop-motion musical close to their heart, and everyone who helped organise the escape rooms. They were a great success.

Don’t forget Lynda is now part of Essex Crown?

That’s right. Lynda is now part of Essex Crown, which adds an educational and professional skill-building element to the competition.

Lynda is an online learning platform and all our staff and students get free access. Just log in using your University of Essex details.

There’s loads of things to learn on Lynda and they don’t have to link specifically to your course or your job. Lynda is an opportunity to expand your skills, and with the winter break coming up, why not learn a new skill with the free time you have on your hands?

If you complete a Lynda course over Christmas, we’ll give your department points for Essex Crown. Just send a screenshot of your completed Lynda course along with your department to

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28 November 2017

Meet Ernest Nyarko

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Ernest Nyarko is our VP Southend. We spoke to him to find out more about his time at Essex, from the most challenging part of  being a student to his victory in the SU elections.

An image of Ernest Nyarko

Ernest Nyarko

What motivated you to come to university? I’ve always had an obsession with becoming an entrepreneur.  Coming to Essex was a great way for me to get  the  skills and knowledge I needed to pursue this dream.

What did you expect university life to be like when you started? I always expected life at Essex to be all about my studies, but that was not the case. There were so many opportunities to get involved in other ways  like sports clubs, societies, start-up workshops, educational forums, and jobs.

Did university life meet your expectations? Yes. I have been able to make new friends and I’ve learnt a lot from different people and cultures, which has helped to define my character and led to me being elected as a Sabbatical officer for the Students’ Union .

What was the most challenging part of being a student at Essex? My first time at our Southend Campus was a real culture shock.  I’d never studied in the UK before and the campus was quite small compared to where I’d studied for my undergraduate degree. I really had to put myself out there to get comfortable with the environment and to get to know people on campus.

What advice would you have for new students starting this year? Make sure you make the most of the opportunities Essex offers because you are never going to get that opportunity again once you’ve left. Involve yourself in extra curricula activities and associate yourself with different kinds of people.  You will never regret it. Trust me. Above all, always remember the reason why you came to Essex and work hard towards it.

What has been your main highlight of being a student at Essex? My main highlight was running for election as VP Southend.  I won and as a result of my hard work was also re-elected!

In one word, describe your experience at Essex Eye-opening.

What are you planning to do next? My aim for the future is to be a part-time lecturer. I also want to start my own company in Ghana, possibly in the Oil Sector. It’s a big dream, but it’s what I have dreamt of ever since High school. I’m definitely going to make it happen someday.

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27 November 2017

Essex Business School selfie competition

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An image of people taking a selfie.Do you love sharing selfies? Fancy winning a pack of high quality stationery?

Good news! Essex Business School has teamed up with Oxford Campus Notebooks to offer you the chance to get your hands on one of four stationery packs to help kit you out for the year ahead.

Each stationery pack includes:

  • three Oxford Campus document boxes
  • one Oxford Campus refill pad
  • three Oxford Campus notebooks
  • one Oxford Campus snap wallet
  • thirty Oxford Campus punched pockets
  • thirty Oxford Campus dividers
  • one Essex Business School notebook
  • two Essex Business School pens
  • two Essex Business School pencils
  • one ‘I love Essex’ bag
An image of some stationery

You could win all of this

How do I enter?

1. Take a selfie or photo that represents the module you’ve enjoyed the most on your course so far (think textbooks and the syllabus etc).

2. Then either:

a. share it on Instagram, tagging @essexebs in the description, and tell us why it’s your favourite

b. find the competition post on the Essex Business School Facebook page (pinned to the top) and share your photo in the comments, telling us why you love the module.

3. If you’re entering on Facebook, make sure you use your personal account with your real name so we can identify you if you win.

4. If you enter on Instagram, leave your full name in your comment if it’s not in your bio.

5. We will pick four winners at random.

Rules, terms and conditions

  1. The Essex Business School Selfie Competition is open to all current University of Essex students currently residing and studying in the UK only, excluding University of Essex staff. Unfortunately, the competition is not open to those studying at partner universities or those on work placements.
  2. The competition is open from 9am 27 November until 5pm 15 December 2017 GMT and entries must be received by this time to be valid.
  3. Four winners will be picked at random in a free prize draw after the competition’s close. Winners will be notified via Facebook, Instagram or via your University email (by entering the competition you consent to be contacted in this way for the purposes of the competition) before the end of term in December 2017. Winners can collect their prize from their campus in December or January and we will send you further information of how to do this. If you do not collect your prize by week two of the spring term 2018, your prize will be passed on to our next random pick.
  4. You can either enter the competition on the Essex Business School Facebook page or enter on Instagram. Students must meet all the requirements in the ‘how do I enter’ section to be qualified.
  5. If you enter via Facebook, you must use your personal account with your name (no fake profiles please!) so we can identify you for your prize. If you’re entering on Instagram, make sure you also leave your full name in your comment if it’s not in your bio.
  6. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries from the same person won’t be counted.
  7. Entries which are offensive, or could reflect negatively on name, reputation or goodwill of Essex Business School or the University of Essex will be deleted and not counted.
  8. Entries which promote a political agenda, or could bring a partner of the University of Essex into disrepute will be deleted and will not be counted.
  9. There are four prize packs. Each prize pack includes three document boxes, one refill pad, three campus notebooks, one snap wallet, thirty dividers, thirty punched pockets, one Essex Business School notebook, two Essex Business School pens, two Essex Business School pencils and one ‘I love Essex’ bag.
  10. Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and there is no cash alternative.
  11. No purchase necessary, although a valid Facebook or Instagram account is required.
  12. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have no liability for any part of this competition.
  13. Essex Business School reserves the right to offer alternative prizes, of equal or greater value, should the advertised prizes become unavailable for reasons beyond our control.
  14. By entering on Facebook or Instagram, you agree to the Facebook and Instagram terms of use and privacy notices. If you do not agree with these, do not enter the competition.
  15. In the event of a dispute, the decision by Essex Business School is final.
  16. Winners may be asked to participate in reasonable publicity resulting from the competition.
  17. By entering this competition, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.


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