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5 April 2019

Meet the winners of our PGR Interdisciplinary Conference Fund Competition

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We meet the winners of our first PGR Interdisciplinary Conference Fund Competition to find out more about their winning proposal and the upcoming Essex Cross-disciplinary Experimental Methods conference.

How do you feel after winning the competition? Can you tell us more about your winning conference proposal.

The team behind the conference

The team behind the conference

It’s really exciting to win the competition and have the means to put together this interdisciplinary conference on Experimental Methods. We are a team that spans two faculties (Social Science, and Science and Health) and five departments (Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, ISER, and Government), which highlights the interdisciplinary nature of our collaboration.

The first edition of the Essex Cross-disciplinary Experimental Methods conference will take place in June, with three keynote speakers and two interactive workshops on using eye-tracking and game theory in research. There will also be presentation and networking opportunities for participants.

How did you come together?

Our project manager, Elisabetta, gathered the group through EssexLab’s researcher network. Most of us have used the lab at some point in our research, and we were all inspired by the idea of sharing our different approaches to experimental methods. Hence it made a great pitch for the interdisciplinary conference. Plus, we all shared the enthusiasm to get more students on board to produce interdisciplinary research. There’s no better starting point than an event like this one.

Has it been difficult to work across disciplines and collaborate across faculties?

Collaborating across the five disciplines has certainly been an eye-opener, and we have already benefited from understanding differences in how each discipline organises events. We had to accept different perspectives on how things should be run, but everyone on the team is open to new ideas. Having a common purpose and a deadline also helps immensely in moving things forward.

When and where will your conference take place?

The conference will be here at Essex, over June 20-21 and registration is open now.

What do you think would be the benefits of your event for the larger University of Essex communities?

We think the conference will greatly benefit the PGR community in three key areas:

  1. As research students, learning about cross-disciplinary experimental methodology can help provide a novel perspective on our own research;
  2. Understanding different methods improves our competitiveness in the academic funding and job market;
  3. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to network with researchers from other disciplines.

We also welcome participation from undergraduate and Masters students, who might be considering joining our research community. They could benefit from learning about the type of work they might be doing as a research student. Staff are also welcome, and we hope that the conference can foster greater inter-departmental and interfaculty collaborations in Essex.

In addition, thanks to funding from the Eastern Academic Research Consortium (Eastern ARC), we will be able to offer travel support to postgraduate researchers from the University of East Anglia and University of Kent to attend. We’re excited to have this chance to support collaborations among the local research community.!

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