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21 March 2019

Lots of love from the Library

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We ran a ‘Love or Break-up Letter’ activity last month to get some feedback on our library services and were thrilled to receive 22 love letters.

That’s right, none of you wanted to ‘break up’ with us, which is fantastic news.

Thanks for all your kind words and suggestions, which we have already started to implement.

Book swap corner

Book swap corner

Book Swap Corner

First up, you told us that you want more fiction in the Library.

We have now created a Book Swap Corner, which you can find near the newspaper rack to the left of our library entrance.

Just bring along any books that you have read and want to pass on, and pick up a couple of others to read.

If you don’t fancy picking up a book, you can still drop off any you’re finished and want to pass on.

It’s really easy to use and completely free – two very good reasons why you should get involved.

Some of our new books

Some of our new books

More, more, more

In your love letters you also told us that you want more modern plays as well as more international texts. Well, good news…you will now find more than 200 new titles.

For the next few weeks, we will display a selection of new texts for you to browse through.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself to the library to see what’s new.

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