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16 January 2019


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We know lots of you have been using LEAP to see how you’re engaging with your course. We wanted to let you know about two of the most frequent questions we have been asked about the portal.

Average overall attendance:To view your overall average attendance in LEAP, go to the attendance tab and change the data range to the beginning of term. Your average attendance will display above the summary table. Please note that this is different from your attendance percentage in the circle at the top of the page which shows your attendance average percentage for the last 28 days.

Attendance for specific teaching events: You may notice that LEAP is showing you as absent for a teaching event that has been cancelled. Please don’t worry about this as it can take seven days for LEAP to reflect changes to your timetable.

You can log in to LEAP with your Essex ID and usual Essex password or head to My Essex or Pocket Essex.

If you have any questions about LEAP, just email

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