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18 January 2019

Happy New Year from VP Andrea

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Happy New Year to you all. I hope your holidays were merry and that the gym memberships you started on 1 January are still being used.

Your VP, Andrea Lungay

At the SU we are excited to say that it is New Year Same Us – only with some extra cool stuff planned.

First and foremost, the Leadership Race is here! Now is the time to put yourself forward to be the voice of our Southend student body. There are many part-time roles such as BAME Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer, Student Parents’ Officer, Women’s Officer and of course the big full-time role of VP Southend, *cough cough*, that’s me. Nominations close at 4pm on Friday 25 January so make sure you get involved and start planning your campaign!

Last term also saw a few wins in our Big 4. In case you missed it, the SU asked what are the four most important things to students and you chose

  • Mental Health
  • My Course
  • SU Lounge
  • Environment

We are pleased to say that not only did we secure many wins last term, we have ultimately completed one of our Big 4 objectives. We have introduced new paper takeaway packaging in the Lounge, new SU travel mugs and of course the SU Bike Hire Service to become much more sustainable. We hope to take more steps towards becoming even more environmentally friendly.

So Welcome back and Welcome home!

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17 January 2019

Three Minute Thesis competition 2019

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The Three Minute Thesis competition is back. We spoke to Dr Tuesday Watts-Overall, who’s just got a job as a lecturer at the University of East London, to find out more about her experience of winning the competition in 2017.

Dr Tuesday Watts-Overall

Dr Tuesday Watts-Overall

How did you first get involved with the Three Minute Thesis competition?: I entered the 3MT competition when I was in the final year of my PhD.

What was the best thing about taking part?: Being able to confidently and concisely explain 3 years worth of work to a layperson, which I’ve done quite a lot since then.

Do you think the Three Minute Thesis competition helped you once you’d finished your PhD?: Yes, definitely. I became quite good at summarising my research speciality in job interviews, interviews with the media and at conferences.

Can you tell us a bit more about your current research? : My current research builds on that of my PhD, investigating the factors that contribute to the development of sexual orientation and gender related expression.

Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to people thinking about entering the competition, what would it be?: Go for it! It’s a great, confidence-boosting experience, which will come in handy in a range of situations throughout your PGR study and long afterwards.

If you’d like to enter this year’s competition just email a 300 word summary of your research to

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16 January 2019


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We know lots of you have been using LEAP to see how you’re engaging with your course. We wanted to let you know about two of the most frequent questions we have been asked about the portal.

Average overall attendance:To view your overall average attendance in LEAP, go to the attendance tab and change the data range to the beginning of term. Your average attendance will display above the summary table. Please note that this is different from your attendance percentage in the circle at the top of the page which shows your attendance average percentage for the last 28 days.

Attendance for specific teaching events: You may notice that LEAP is showing you as absent for a teaching event that has been cancelled. Please don’t worry about this as it can take seven days for LEAP to reflect changes to your timetable.

You can log in to LEAP with your Essex ID and usual Essex password or head to My Essex or Pocket Essex.

If you have any questions about LEAP, just email

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