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12 December 2018

PGR Interdisciplinary Conference Fund Competition

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Our Dean of Postgraduate Research and Education, Professor Sanja Bahun, tells us more about a new fund to support a more interdisciplinary approach for our postgraduate research students.

Professor Sanja Bahun

Professor Sanja Bahun

Ever got excited about doing research that stretches across disciplines? Ever wondered how your research would be viewed from the perspective of someone working in a completely different research area? Ever wished you could network with researchers in other fields? Ever asked yourself how all these new research trends and funding opportunities for interdisciplinary work could be squared with your own research passions? Ever aspired to publishing your research? Ever wanted there to be a greater sense of a postgraduate research community encompassing the University as a whole?

If your answer is yes to at least one of these questions, here is some good news! We are delighted to invite you to apply for our PGR Interdisciplinary Conference Fund.

To enhance research collaboration and networking at postgraduate level we are launching an award fund of £5000 for the best proposal for an interdisciplinary research conference organised by postgraduate researchers. To enable bold thinking across disciplines, the key condition of the grant is to have PGR researchers from at least two different faculties and at least three different departments on the organising board/committee.

This is an opportunity for you to explore a research question or a research methodology that stretches across disciplines. You can think about big overarching themes and challenges faced by the contemporary world or conference topics linked to specific methodologies used across disciplines. The list of such themes could be endless and we want you to be courageous and innovative in choosing the most pressing subject and the most suitable model for your conference.

You may deploy different methods of presentation – from traditional panels and displays through visual presentations, performances, an exhibition, or any combination of these. You may decide to invest the funds into bringing exciting external speakers – academics or non-academics – to campus, or gathering similar-minded researchers with the aim of producing a conference publication such as a book or a Special Issue; or you may use it as a springboard to international research relevance and visibility through the use of research social media. Or you can do all of these.

The deadline for your grant proposal is Monday 21 January at 5pm. The PGR Interdisciplinary Conference Selection Committee will evaluate proposals and announce the winner for this year on 30 January 2019. Every proposal will receive feedback from the Selection Committee. Your conference must take place and all funds be spent by 31 July 2019.

You can find more information online, or feel free to contact the PGRE team at

To enable us to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible, please include the heading “PGR Interdisciplinary Conference”.

Good luck with your applications!

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