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27 November 2018

Meet the Accessibility and Wellbeing Advisers at the Southend Campus

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Tracey Khan and Lizzie Francis, who work in the Student Services’ Hub in The Forum, explain what they do as Accessibility and Wellbeing Advisers to Southend students.

What are your roles?

We are Accessibility and Wellbeing Advisers working within the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS).  The main focus of our role is providing a confidential specialist advice and information to students who have disclosed a disability, long term medical condition or specific learning difficulty and those from non-traditional backgrounds so they can fulfil their potential as individuals and enable them to be active participants in their own educational experience.   Students can meet with us in person or we can work with students by email or by phone.

Head to the Student Services’ Hub to meet the Accessibility and Wellbeing Advisers.

How can you help students?

We can discuss a student’s support needs with them and advise on how Essex can support them. For example, via reasonable adjustments such as individual exam arrangements, student support notifications, accommodation on medical grounds etc. We can also provide information about external support and academic disability allowances where this is needed.

How do students get in touch with you?

We are proactive in contacting students who have disclosed a disability, long term medical condition or specific learning difficulty via their UCAS application and they can respond to our contact emails.  For those who have not been in contact before the best way to get in touch is via the Student Services Hub. The Student Information Team can provide initial advice and information and refer to our specialist services.  Students can also access our specialist services through the SWIS drop-in which is also the access point for wellbeing and mental health support enquiries.

When are the drop-in sessions?

Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS) drop-ins are offered each week day between 11 am and 2 pm although, as with any service, these can be subject to change.

Who should students contact if they have out of hours issues?

If you are onsite or in University Square contact security (who can also contact Residence Life for you).

If you are offsite and it is a health emergency then NHS 111 or 999 may apply.

If you want to talk to someone about your emotional wellbeing you can call the Student Wellbeing Support Line on 0800 970 5020

What one piece of advice would you give students if they are considering asking for support?

Don’t overthink it – pop along to SWIS drop-in and ask your questions – we will guide you from there.



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