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23 November 2018

Make the data count

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The UK Data Service has launched a new campaign to get every student and researcher who uses data to cite the datasets they use correctly; in the same way they do articles, books, images and websites.

The aim is to support the reproducibility of research, which helps to establish the validity of scientific findings.  Accurate citation also makes identifying and finding data easier, because the UK Data Service provides digital object identifiers (DOIs) which will always link to the data used, even if the location of the data changes.

Matthew Woollard, Director of the UK Data Service, says: “Citing the data we use – and doing it correctly – is crucial, because each dataset is one of the sources of evidence which support a researcher’s argument. So, any publication, whether it’s printed, electronic or broadcast, needs the correct citation and acknowledgement.

“We make it easy for researchers by providing a citation with every record in our Data Catalogue. Each citation comes in multiple formats, so when they publish, researchers can switch easily to the style of the journal in question.”

Citing data correctly also means the UK Data Service – and funding bodies – can measure the impact of particular datasets, because it’s easier to track which datasets are being used.

The UK Data Service is holding a competition to give students and researchers a chance to find out more about data and citation – and win a £200 Amazon voucher. Come and visit us near the Enormoboard opposite Zest between Square 2 and 3 between 12.30pm and 1.30pm from 27 November to 7 December.

There is more information about citing data correctly on the UK Data Service website.

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