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21 November 2018

New online system for extenuating circumstances and late submission

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We’ve launched a new online system if you need to submit claims about extenuating circumstances and late submission of your assessed work.  We spoke to Kevin Delves, who has helped develop the system, to find out more.

Tell us more about the system – what is different for our students?

We’ve introduced a new online system for students to submit claims about extenuating circumstances and late submission. We wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for our students, so we’ve moved away from the old paper-based system and made sure everything is easy to find online. That means that you don’t have to queue up to hand in a form anymore, you can just submit it online and will automatically go to the people who need to see it.

The main change in the form itself is that the new form combines requests about extenuating circumstances and late submission. We made sure that we spoke to students whilst we were developing the system so we could make sure that it was as easy as possible for people to use the system. We’re really happy with the results.

Where can people access this new system?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for students to find this form so you can access it in lots of different places like My Essex, Faser, and our own website, but here’s the link.

What about any supporting evidence people need to submit? Can this all be done online too?

Yes, you can now upload all of your evidence onto the system electronically. This means that you can scan, photograph or attach that evidence directly to your claim. We’ve also published some new guidance, so people can see what evidence they need to submit to support their claim.

When should people apply for something like this?

You should submit your claim as soon as possible if there are circumstances that are impacting your studies. We understand that this is not always possible, but the sooner you submit your claim we can explore ways to support you. There are deadlines for submission, which you should check on the website.

Once people have submitted the form, how long will they have to wait to know if a decision has been made?

A big part of the project to improve this system has been about improving the ways we keep students informed and we’ll be emailing you regularly throughout the process.

For late submission there will be at least two meetings a year in your department, where staff will meet to make a decision about your claim. After this meeting has taken place we’ll be in touch by email to let you know about what decision was made.

For extenuating circumstances the departmental meeting will make an initial decision, but if they think your claim is valid it will be referred to the Board of Examiners who will make the final decision about what action to take.

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