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23 October 2018

Six ways to make sure it’s as easy as possible to park your car at our Colchester Campus

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Make sure that any car you’re planning to drive onto campus is registered

Cars on Clingoe Hill

Cars on Clingoe Hill

Remember, only some people can register for a parking space, but if you live off-campus you can register online and park at a reduced rate straightaway. If you’d prefer to pay daily, remember you need to pay when you arrive, not when you leave.

Know where to park…

Car Park A is our student-only car park and there are 170 extra student parking spaces in our Valley Car Park. Sometimes we might need to use parts of Car Park A for coach and minibus parking, but we’ll make sure we tell you about this in advance when we can, and we’ll always have alternative spaces available when we do.

…and what to do if the car parks are busy

You can find our temporary overflow car park on the north side of campus. You can reach it from Boundary Road. We’re also creating some new parking at Capon Road – 149 extra spaces will be available in April and 210 in June.

Keep your eyes peeled for our helpful staff

If you’re struggling to find a spot then our friendly Traffic Officers, Mark, Gary and Joe will help you find somewhere to park. They’re the ones in bright orange jackets, so they’re pretty easy to spot. Please follow their instructions, and remember to be nice. You might be stressed looking for a spot, but they’ve been doing it all day!

Make sure you know the rules about parking on campus

Remember to take a look at our parking signs and make sure you only park in one of our car parks. Not on the road, not in a bus stop, not on the pavement, but in one of our car parks. OK? For more info, take a look at our full terms and conditions.

Park on campus? Are you mad! How else can I get here?

Our sustainable transport initiatives promote lots of different ways for you to get to campus like walking, cycling and using public transport. You can find out more about our sustainability initiatives by signing up to our monthly newsletter. Just email

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