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10 July 2018

It’s goodbye from Ernest, our VP Southend

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‘It’s truly hard to believe how quickly the last two years have flown by and that I’m writing my final words to you all.

An image of Ernest Nyarko

Ernest Nyarko

From the very first day,  I always put the needs of students at the heart of everything I did and without doubt it has been a pleasure to serve and represent all of you. I have truly enjoyed getting to know so many of you while we worked together to improve the lives of all the students here in Southend.

While representing you, I worked tirelessly with staff members to ensure that our students were not left behind when decisions were being made within the University and Students’ Union. Together we have achieved tremendous success and contributed positively to our campus.

  • We created several successful events and campaigns, improved student engagement across departments, promoted our Mental health and wellbeing project, created and secured funding for our first two Dragons’ Den sessions and first ever Google start-up trip.
  • We set up our student parliament, provided support for our students at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and created BAME Forums,
  • We celebrated Black History month, secured temporary alcohol licences for student led events in our SU Lounge, secured free Amazon Prime view in both the SU Lounge and common room in University Square and arranged short-term accommodation options for our commuting students and affordable car parking rates.

These are just a few of our achievements, and I believe our efforts over these past years have begun to lay a foundation upon which the Students’ Union will continue to build in years to come.

My advice to you is to make sure to utilise the opportunities offered by both Essex and our Students’ Union. Challenge yourself with new sports; take up opportunities from the activities offered on Campus to meet people from different backgrounds as well as people from other courses.

As an international student, I took advantage of all these opportunities to meet a lot of new people and made good friends across the globe who will always be part of my life. So I entreat you to make the most of everything out there guys; and you will never regret it.

It has been a pleasure to be your Students’ Union Vice President and I will forever cherish it. It has given me fantastic memories and experiences I will always treasure. I wish you all the best in the future and good luck to your new VP Andrea Lungay.’

Ernest signing out


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