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27 March 2018

EBS crowned champions

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EBS staff and students

Essex Business School staff and students

As the spring term has drawn to a close, it’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Essex Crown –  massive congratulations to Essex Business School! In particular, we’d like to give a special shout-out to Southend EBS for being the most active department at our Southend Campus.

The School of Biological Sciences put up a mean fight in second place and our third place runners up were the Department of Psychology.

Individual Winners

  • Riddles Award: Deanna McCarthy, Senor Student Administrator in the Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies (LiFTS).
  • Sports Award: Jamal Craig, from the School of Computer Science and Electornic Engineering (CSEE).
  • Most Active students: Ruoyang Li from the Department of Language and Linguistics and and Fuwai Wang from  the Department of Government.
  • Most Active Staff Member: Steffan Kennett who is a lecturer from the Department of Psychology department.
  • Most Active Southend Volunteer: Daniel Neatherway from the School of Health and Social Care.
  •  Most Active Colchester Volunteer: Bolanle Sorunke from the School of  Biological Sciences.

Congratulations to all our winners, and to everyone who took part.

Riddles: Our weekly riddles had staff and students scratching their heads and we had hundreds of brilliant responses from all of our departments. The most active departments were Biological Sciences, LiFTS, Psychology and Mathematical Sciences. Our week 10 riddle was the most popular:

Q: ‘There was an airplane crash, every single person on board died, but yet two people survived. How is this possible?’

A: A married couple survived but every single person died in the crash.

The Escape Rooms: This was hugely popular, especially at our Colchester campus. Over 230 staff and students took part and a team from Biological Sciences managed to escapee in the shortest time.

Battle of the Consoles: Our three hour drop in gaming tournament was dominated by who else. but CSEE.

The November Careers Fair:  This was by far the most popular event this year and was attended by almost 1500 students. We hope the event inspired and excited students about their futures.

Essex Crown Sports:  The weekly Crown Sports events this year included ultimate frisbee, mixed netball, indoor football and much more. A big thank you to all the staff and students that helped to plan these events and, of course, to everyone that attended to compete for their department. The most active departments were Government, Psychology, CSEE and SRES.

Finally, we’d just like to say a special ‘thank you’ to the library for all their help throughout this year’s Essex Crown, especially with the Quest and the weekly riddles.  They’ve won our Outstanding Contribution to the Crown award for all their hard work. This year’s competition would also not have been possible without the hard work of our sports team for organising the Crown Sports and Residence Life for the Escape Room. The Project Worker team have also been incredible helpful in orchestrating the Essex Crown.

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