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23 February 2018

Start up lifts off

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An app to help Chinese students source specialist foods during their time in the UK is being developed by two Essex Business School students.

App spirit

Guoli Li and Hung Fatt Sim

Second year students Hung Fatt Sim, who is studying International Business and Enterprise and Guo Li Li who is studying marketing, have been working on this app, called Premium Quality Services in their spare time, using Southend as a testbed.

Hung Fatt Sim said: “It began just as an idea, then we spoke to Essex Startups who were really helpful, giving us advice on how to develop a business module.”

Guoli Li said: “It is an important issue for Chinese students. There is a specialist shop in Southend and they would be happy to work with us, delivering to the students who currently struggle getting everything back to their accommodation.

“If it goes ahead we hope we could build up a good client base through this food delivery facility and then expand to offer other specialist services.”

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