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23 February 2018

Make sure you complete your student survey

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An image of Ernest Nyarko

Ernest Nyarko

Spare a few minutes to complete your student survey  urges Ernest Nyarko, VP for the Students’ Union at Southend.

You can complete the National Student Survey and UK Engagement Survey now and voice your experience of your time at Essex.

The feedback is used to help shape the future for your fellow students and help those considering higher education decide where and what to study.

All responses are anonymous and you can complete the surveys by visiting our website.

“The main reason is to give feedback on your course so it can be improved for future students,” said Ernest.

“It’s your chance to put it all down for your department to make it better. Don’t keep your good ideas to yourself!

“Equally important is to share what you really liked about your course so people can share your excitement.”

This year the University is planning to donate £1 to charity for each completed NSS survey and Southend students overwhelmingly voted to support the mental health charity, Southend MIND.

Ernest paid a lot of attention to the rankings and reports from students when he was looking at universities in the UK. “It all helps people make a choice,” he said.

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