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23 February 2018

Start up lifts off

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An app to help Chinese students source specialist foods during their time in the UK is being developed by two Essex Business School students.

App spirit

Guoli Li and Hung Fatt Sim

Second year students Hung Fatt Sim, who is studying International Business and Enterprise and Guo Li Li who is studying marketing, have been working on this app, called Premium Quality Services in their spare time, using Southend as a testbed.

Hung Fatt Sim said: “It began just as an idea, then we spoke to Essex Startups who were really helpful, giving us advice on how to develop a business module.”

Guoli Li said: “It is an important issue for Chinese students. There is a specialist shop in Southend and they would be happy to work with us, delivering to the students who currently struggle getting everything back to their accommodation.

“If it goes ahead we hope we could build up a good client base through this food delivery facility and then expand to offer other specialist services.”

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Make sure you complete your student survey

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An image of Ernest Nyarko

Ernest Nyarko

Spare a few minutes to complete your student survey  urges Ernest Nyarko, VP for the Students’ Union at Southend.

You can complete the National Student Survey and UK Engagement Survey now and voice your experience of your time at Essex.

The feedback is used to help shape the future for your fellow students and help those considering higher education decide where and what to study.

All responses are anonymous and you can complete the surveys by visiting our website.

“The main reason is to give feedback on your course so it can be improved for future students,” said Ernest.

“It’s your chance to put it all down for your department to make it better. Don’t keep your good ideas to yourself!

“Equally important is to share what you really liked about your course so people can share your excitement.”

This year the University is planning to donate £1 to charity for each completed NSS survey and Southend students overwhelmingly voted to support the mental health charity, Southend MIND.

Ernest paid a lot of attention to the rankings and reports from students when he was looking at universities in the UK. “It all helps people make a choice,” he said.

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6 February 2018

Essex Crown presents The Battle of the Consoles

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On Thursday 8 February Essex Crown are hosting the ultimate battle of the consoles, pitting friends against friends, strangers against strangers, and departments against departments. Join us for an evening of gaming glory. Harriet Bragg, a project worker with our Student Engagement Team tells us more.

What is it?:  The Battle of the Consoles is a drop-in three hour long tournament, where students and staff will represent their departments by battling it out on four different consoles – PS2, PS4, Wii and PC. Last year  the event was ultimately won by the Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, with Biological Sciences as the runners up.

Why should I come?:  Whether you’re coming for the fierce competition that Mario Kart against your friends brings, as a quick break from studying, or as a way to relive your childhood favourites from the 2000s, you’re more than welcome to participate.  Even if you just want a quick game by yourself, you can still take part and earn points by setting the best individual scores of the night.

Gaming aside, we’re nearly at the end of the Essex Crown journey for this year – in just over a month, the Crown will come to a close in the Final Showdown, an event in which only the highest scoring departments of the year will be able to put forward a team. Participating in the Battle of the Consoles could well earn your department the points that secure its place.

However, in case that’s not enough, we’ll also be laying on your evening meal with free pizza and snacks up for grabs.

Who is behind the event?: Our  Student Engagement Team which is made up of a  team of five Project Workers. Taking on board feedback from the participants of last year’s event, the group behind the Battle of the Consoles have been responsible for rebranding, developing and marketing the event. With help from the Video Games society we’ve procured some of the most popular games and consoles for you to come and try out.

Where will it be held?:  We’ll be in the CSEE Robotics Arena from 4pm to 7pm.   If you can’t find where to go, enter the CSEE building from Square 1 or 2 and follow the smell of pizza. One of our team will be able to point you in the right direction from there.

How can I find out more?: Join the Essex Crown Facebook group, speak to your departmental Project Worker, or look out for the Crown team on the squares this week on Tuesday and Thursday – we’ll be donning Mario gear so you won’t be able to miss us.

So where can I sign up?: You can sign up online. Just fill in the short survey to book your placeng competition in June 2017, and I’ve written the latest Christmas pantomime for the Lakeside Theatre.

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5 February 2018

Keep calm and volunteer

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Research carried out by our Green Exercise team found that volunteering outside improves mental health after just six weeks and we’ve plenty of ideas to inspire you.

Volunteers clean up Colchester campus friends

Our Students’  Union’s Engagement co-ordinator in Southend Adrian Patsalos said: “One of the main reasons would be improving your CV. Volunteering experience is a real plus for employers.

“It’s also valuable out of the classroom experience, volunteers became part of the community, either within the University or your local area. You get to meet people with a common interest or a common goal.”

With National Student Volunteering Week 2018 around the corner, starting on Monday 19 February, there’s an opportunity to find out more about what’s involved.

Essex Business School student Codie Yau from Cambridge now helps out at a soup kitchen in Southend, having come across it as she walked to campus.

“I generally go on Saturdays, “she said. “I like doing charity work, giving some of my time to the community.

“I know that whenever I have spare time I am going to do something for my local community.”

While Codie found her own opportunity, the Students’ Union has plenty of options, either through the fantastic v-team that works with local organisations or even starting your own society.

Clea Moore, a second year French and English Law student and communications assistant vTeam, highly recommends French’s Care Haven, near Ipswich, a rescue centre and safe haven for unwanted and neglected horses.

French's Care Haven volunteers weekly

Clea said: “The vTeam contacted French’s Care Haven about 18 months ago and now volunteers go about five times a term for a couple of hours each time, travelling on the SU minibus.

“When we arrive we are assigned different tasks and it’s always varied.  When I went we had to clear out a barn and re-organise it, clean around the stables and groom a couple of horses. We had a nice lunch break with a picnic.

“I would absolutely recommend this project to other students. It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air all the while contributing to a great cause. It’s really nice being around animals and helping out the lovely owner, Jann Turner.”

Adrian said: “You can start a society about almost anything, bringing together a group of like-minded students. You could even opt to be a course representative.”

As part of National Student Volunteering Week the vTeam will run lots of different sessions, either in schools or one-off projects around the local area.


  • painting at the Signals media centre
  • volunteering at the wellies on farm
  • junior special at Iceni academy
  • volunteering at Fordham Heath

Clea said: “We will also be holding a new event called “Volunteering for the future” as an interactive talk with our partners and ex-volunteers about the charity sector.

“We will also be hosting a new Employability workshop, to help students with their skills and putting together a great CV.”

Students can find out more about the week here.

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