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22 January 2018

Essex Crown is back. Again!

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Cherina Darrell

Cherina Darrell

This term the Essex Crown team is gearing up for some exciting activities for staff and students from video games evenings to live game shows. We’re getting ready for an epic term, so our Project Worker, Cherina Darrell, is here to remind us of the highlights so far and let us know what’s in store for this term.

Dodgeball: Essex Sport have been awesome at hosting the fortnightly sports competitions for Essex Crown. Back in November, departments went head to head and knocked each other into next week in an epic battle of Dodgeball. The School Biological Sciences and Economics put up a good fight, but it was the Department of Government who surprised us all. They threw, dodged and ducked their way into first place, only to have the School of Sports, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences dominate the competition in the end.

The Escape Room: Our Residence Life team organised the conundrum that was the Escape Room at our Colchester and Southend campuses. Teams had one hour to figure out the puzzles to release a kidnapped Santa Claus. East 15 in Southend ultimately came out on top but Biological Sciences gained the most points and had the most staff members participate.  Great work, everyone.

The ultimate rivalry: Essex Business School dominated the league table for much of the term, but the most intense competition has been between the School of Biological Sciences and the Department of Psychology, who’ve been neck and neck in terms of points.

Coming up this term

The Essex Crown sports competitions continue with Ultimate Frisbee on  Tuesday 13 February from 5pm to 7pm in the Sports Hall.

We’re currently organising the highly anticipated Battle of The Consoles, where departments will go head to head in a series of video games, while enjoying pizza and snacks.

Finally, the grand final of the whole Essex Crown competition will take place in March with the Final Showdown where our top ten teams will battle it out in the ultimate live game show.

Be sure to stay up to date with the Essex Crown by joining our Facebook group and don’t forget to  keep your eyes peeled for the weekly riddles tweeted by the Library on Monday mornings.

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