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5 December 2017

Making a difference to our environment

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recycling_webLike any large organisation, the University has a big impact on its surrounding environment. The energy and resources we use is a major part of that. We are passionate about sustainability, and we have an ambitious goal to cut our overall carbon footprint by 43% by 2020, compared with 2005 levels. Part of achieving this is through making our buildings more efficient, but it’s also about our community being more aware of the ways we can all reduce our impact.

And that’s where you come in. With thousands of students living and studying at our Colchester and Southend campuses, your actions add up to make a significant difference. We can all play a part in this challenge and it’s simple changes to your habits which can make a difference.

If you live on campus, you’re automatically involved in the Student Switch Off campaign, where we monitor energy-saving and recycling activity, encouraging you to think about your impact. Make some simple changes and you’ll have the chance to win prizes. Here are our top tips:

  • Switch off unused lights and electrical equipment
  • Keep radiators at moderate temperatures
  • Wear a layer before turning radiators up
  • Close windows on colder days
  • Put a lid on pots when cooking
  • Only boil the water you need when using the kettle
  • Put plastic, paper, card, cans and glass in the appropriate recycling bin

When you are on campus, you can do lots of easy but important things too:

  • Refill your own bottle with some fresh, filtered water from one of the water fountains, rather than buying bottled water (tap water in the UK adheres to strict quality controls, so it is perfectly safe to drink).
  • At Colchester, avoid takeaway coffee cups by bringing your own to cafes on campus. You’ll save 10p off every hot drink you buy, too. Lots of high street cafes offer discounts for this as well.
  • Put waste and recycling in the appropriate bins. Items sent for recycling are turned into all sorts of new products, reducing the need to use new materials.

To find out more about sustainability, email Daisy Malt.

Visit the Student Switch Off website for more tips, and like our Facebook page for information on our regular competitions.

For any maintenance issues, including leaky taps, problems with heating or lighting, email the Estates helpdesk.

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