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4 December 2017

Chasing the Crown

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Dodgeball at our Colchester Campus

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge

Our Project Worker Anton Greenaway is here with our latest update from Essex Crown.

What’s been going on with Essex Crown?

On 21 November departments went toe-to-toe in an epic game of dodgeball. It turns out that Government students are more athletic than actual sports students, as their department came out on top in an epic contest with Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, LiFTs, Language and Linguistics and Sports, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science.

Residence Life and the Essex Crown team also partnered up to host The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Escape Room. Congratulations to Biological Sciences who had the most participants and the fastest time of completion in 8 minutes and 23 seconds. On behalf of all those who took part, those who hold a certain stop-motion musical close to their heart, and everyone who helped organise the escape rooms. They were a great success.

Don’t forget Lynda is now part of Essex Crown?

That’s right. Lynda is now part of Essex Crown, which adds an educational and professional skill-building element to the competition.

Lynda is an online learning platform and all our staff and students get free access. Just log in using your University of Essex details.

There’s loads of things to learn on Lynda and they don’t have to link specifically to your course or your job. Lynda is an opportunity to expand your skills, and with the winter break coming up, why not learn a new skill with the free time you have on your hands?

If you complete a Lynda course over Christmas, we’ll give your department points for Essex Crown. Just send a screenshot of your completed Lynda course along with your department to

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