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20 October 2017

Help for students

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The Talent Development Centre at Southend is launching its autumn season of workshops on Wednesday 25 October with Writing Well: Academic Style.

This session will help students with practical advice on improving writing and help them think about the principles and questions that underpin the idea of academic style.

On Thursday 2 November there will be a session on Presentation Skills which will offer useful tips to students on boosting confidence and clarity when speaking in public. On Wednesday 8 November Evidencing Critical Thinking will help ensure students approach their studies critically and develop existing skills and practices.

In your own words: How to use reading in your writing on Wednesday 15 November will discuss the practicalities of how to paraphrase, summarise and quote from sources.

How to structure an essay is the subject of the workshop on Wednesday 22 November, looking at how to generate and organise ideas and how different types of assignment questions can suggest different structures.

To book a place, students should email or visit the TDC office in The Forum TF.2.19. If students can’t attend they is a 1:1 advising service, offering support with all aspects of academic study and assignment preparation.


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The Return of the King! Essex crown is back

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Cherina Darrel is a project worker for our Student Engagement Team. We spoke to her to find out more about the return of Essex Crown.

An image of Cherina Darrel

Cherina Darrel

Essex Crown is back!  Can you remind us what Essex Crown is?
Essex Crown is an interdepartmental competition organised by the Essex Crown team in collaboration with all of our departments. Teams from each department will take part in a series of events to earn points and compete for the title Essex Crown Champions.

Last year was the first Essex Crown. Are you keeping the same format as last year or has anything changed?
Last year the competition lasted from December to January, but had such a huge impact that we’ve decided to host the competition over the course of the first two terms this year, so we’re kicking things off in October and the competition will run through to March which will give everyone the opportunity to get involved. We’ve also included some new aspects of the competition to shake things up a bit. So, while last year the Quest was a scavenger hunt style challenge, this year it will be a series of different challenges throughout the day. We’ve got plenty of other changes and additions lined up too, including some new activities at our Southend Campus.

Can you remind us of the different elements of Essex Crown?
There are eight elements of the Essex Crown competition:

  1. The Riddles: We’ll be posting a weekly riddle from the Library’s Twitter page and in department common rooms for people to solve and earn points by emailing with their department and the correct answer.
  2. The Quest: This is a series of intellectual, cognitive and team-building challenges which will be taking place across our campuses. Teams can take part in as many challenges as they’d like.
  3. The Exhibition: To earn points for their department, participants can attend and take part in any of the Essex Crown workshops hosted during the competition. This year participants will need to submit a final piece of work based on what they learn in the workshops. These will need to be digitised so they can be submit to us by email at
  4. Essex Sports events: There is a series of seven different sports competitions for people to complete, either individually or in teams.  These are for people of all abilities and points will be awarded for participation and performance.
  5. Essex Crown event of the week: Each week there will be a different Essex Crown event or activity on campus where participants can earn points. This can be anything from a volunteering event with V-Team or a lecture hosted by the University.
  6. The Escape Room: A Nightmare Before Christmas themed game in which teams must solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to escape a secret room.
  7. Battle of the Consoles: A one-off event where people will compete in various one-to-one games on Wii-sports, PlayStation and other consoles.
  8. The Final Showdown: This is the final instalment of Essex Crown. The big show down. The ten departments with the most points will compete in a gameshow style event to win the title  of Essex Crown Champions.
A team from last year's competition

A team from last year’s competition

That sounds amazing! So Essex Crown is just for students, right?
No. We really want staff to get involved too. We’d like students and staff from every single one of our departments to work together throughout the different aspects of the competition. Essex Crown is for our whole community so whether you’re a student, student administrator or lecturer, you are 100% welcome to participate.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
I think we’re all looking forward to the Escape Room this year. It’s a new element of the competition which we’re running with Residence Life in Colchester and Southend . It will be really exciting and interesting to see people putting their problem solving skills to the test.

How can people follow what’s happening with Essex Crown?
To keep up with Essex Crown make sure you join our Essex Crown group on Facebook.  You should also keep an eye out for emails from your department and we’ll be sharing content on social media through departments, the library, the Sport’s Centre and Residence Life.

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Look into your future

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Nearly 40 students attended   Career Insights  held in The Forum on Wednesday 1 November.

Career Insight Final 021 daily

The event , for students from Essex Business School  and the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, included talks from  representatives of Careers Enterprise Company, First Data and Hicx as well as Essex graduate Anca Savu who studied a postgraduate course in Global Project Management and has secured a graduate project manager position with global international engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald.

All the speakers shared their experiences on their journey to a fulfilling career and what it takes to get hired for your dream job, before everyone regrouped for pizza and drinks.

On Thursday 9 November there’s a chance to have your photo taken for LinkedIn in GB3.53 between 1.00pm and 2.00 pm. Dress to impress!

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6 October 2017

Black History month in Southend

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The Students’ Union at Southend Campus is celebrating Black History Month in October with a series of events.

Every Tuesday the SU Lounge will be screening some favourite films including Get Out, Coach Carter, Ali, and Selma.  In The Forum Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 11 October, Let’s Talk 7.00 pm until 10.00 pm will be a night for discussions and debate ranging from politics to everyday life.

The evolution of black music will be the focus of Culture Slam in the SU Lounge on Thursday 19 October 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm and Monologue Wednesday on Wednesday 25 October 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm will feature poetry, acting, music and writers from different fields.

The music ends with a special Afrobeat versus Dancehall night on Friday 27 October in the SU Lounge 8.00pm until 12 midnight.

Muhammad Ali daily



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