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13 June 2017

Meet Magdalena

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If you’re thinking of starting up your own business, now’s the time to book an appointment with our new Essex Startups consultant, Magdalena Mahdy.  We met her to find out more. 

You run your own business, was it hard to get it going?

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Magdalena Mahdy

I started my own business, Love That Smile Photography, four years ago with a website and some images.  As a photographer it took a little bit of time to build up a portfolio and get my name out there. However, it picked up quite quickly and I have been running my business successfully ever since.

Why run your own business?

I absolutely love being my own boss and love the entrepreneurial spirit.  There is a lot of hard work involved but the rewards go far beyond any money that can be earned.

Why did you get involved with Essex Startups?

Sharing my own knowledge with students and helping them with starting and running their own businesses, and essentially with realising their own dreams, is very rewarding and a lot of fun.

As part of Essex Startups we are offering advice to any students who are thinking about setting up their own businesses. This can be anything from marketing help, to very specific questions on how to register a business, or help with idea finding.

Students can book 1:1 appointments on CareerHub, which are customised to their own needs.

From your own experience, what advice would you give?

The entire process, and what is involved in starting and running your own business, can be very overwhelming at first – so my best piece of advice to students is to take one step at a time.  Look at the big picture but don’t let it get you down.  Break down each step into bite-sized mini ones and take it one day at a time.

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2 June 2017

Get off to a fine start with jobs plus

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Residence Life and the Students’ Union teamed up for the first ever Jobs and More fair at the Southend Campus.

The successful event saw students flocking to the SU Lounge to hear more about jobs on campus, such as the Residence Assistants posts, roles within the Students’ Union and other local opportunities, and enjoy a free slice of pizza.

Essex Startups and Aideen Sadler from Employability & Careers were also on hand to help students starting on their job search.

Residence Life co-ordinator Rosie Carpenter said: “The day went really well for everyone involved and we will be looking to host a similar event next academic year.”

Find out more about the help and support available from The Essex Startups Team.

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