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4 May 2017

Powerlifting success for Tremayne

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We spoke to Tremayne Williams, a second year Criminology and American Studies student, about his recent successes at  Powerlifting.

How did you first get into Powerlifting?

An image of Tremayne Williams

Tremayne Williams

I first started watching and studying Powerlifting in January, mainly through YouTube. I knew a guy that happened to be a junior world champion,  so decided to quiz him on the sport and how to get into it. Then, in early February, I decided to give it a go and see where it took me.

Why did you decide to enter your first competition so soon?

After watching famous powerlifters on YouTube, they all suggested that the best way to get into the sport is to dive in head first and sign up for a competition. So I joined a federation based in the Midlands called the British Powerlifting Federation (BPF) and entered a competition on 12 March. I competed in the Junior Raw 90KG Class, weighing in at 87.7KG. I also had a massive helping hand from Dan Amey and Mick Amey, who are both powerlifters themselves. They taught me everything I needed to know about how the competition was run and how I should prepare.

How did you get on?

I managed to come first in my weight class which was amazing considering it was my first ever competition.

Wow. Congratulations! And that led to a place in the British Powerlifting Championships?

Yes, I qualified for the British Championships which was held on 15 April.

What was that like?

The whole experience was amazing, and I learnt a lot from other lifters and coaches. I also learnt a lot about myself from seeing the flaws in my performance, so I know where  I need to improve, to seeing where I’m excelling so I know what to look out for in future competitions.

So, what’s coming up next?

I’ll be competing in the European Championships on 1 July in Holland, which I’m very excited for. It’s a huge competition and I’m going to be competing against people from all over Europe.

Alongside that, I’m going to try to get more people into the sport of powerlifting at the university, and I’m hoping to start a society or university powerlifting team in the near future.

Do, you regularly train at our Evolve Gym?

I train at the Evolve Gym around four to five times a week, depending on my training cycle. It’s definitely one of my favourite gyms to train at. The staff there are a great help, assisting me with exercises and helping document my journey on Instagram.

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