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13 December 2016

Meet the Essex Crown team

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We speak to the team of interns behind the Essex Crown project, our exciting new inter-departmental competition.

What is the Essex Crown project?

Some of the Essex Crown Team

Some of the team behind the Essex Crown.

The Essex Crown is an exciting series of events where departments compete against each other and earn points. The winning department wins a trophy.

We hope it will encourage some friendly competition and bring staff and students together, increasing the sense of community here at Essex.

How many people make up the  Essex Crown team?

Since September there have been 11 Project Workers working across 8 departments.

  • Robin Brooker is the Essex Crown Project Lead. Robin recently graduated from Sociology, now works in the Student Engagement Team and is going to be studying at Oxford in September.
  • Laura Wright is the Events Team Leader. Laura is a Philosophy graduate and a Project Worker in SPAH. Laura is fantastic at organising events, including organising our team Christmas meal.
  • Jordan Davis and Nicola Davey are part of the Events Team and have been working with Laura to develop the events programme for Essex Crown.  Jordan is a Computer Science graduate and is working in CSEE. Jordan has been putting his computer skills to the test to plan the Battle of the Buttons event and support the marketing and promotion team.
  • Nicola worked as an intern in the Sociology department last year and now works in Sociology with Shovita Adhikari.
  • Zoe Dexter is the Resources and Budgeting Team Leader. She is a Government graduate working in the Government department.
  • Eleanor is a Lang and Ling graduate working in the International Academy. She has secured some interesting props to use as part of the promotional events.
  • Alison Anderson has also been working with Eleanor and Zoe. Alison is an HHS graduate and has been working in the department since September.The team have been working hard to recruit staff and volunteers in departments to help get department teams together. Look out for our volunteers in their special Essex Crown t-shirts.
  • Sam Cannon is the Marketing and Promotion Team Leader. Sam is a LiFTS graduate working in the LiFTS department.
  • Cass Wood and Tosin Oshodi have been working with Sam in the marketing and promotion team. Cass is a LiFTS graduate but is working in HHS with Alison. Tosin is a Law graduate and is back supporting students in the Law department. The team has been creating the promotional materials for the Essex Crown, including flyers, posters, banners, videos and widgets. Keep an eye out for that Essex Crown logo.
  • There are two new Project Workers that have just joined the team. Demi Teager; a LiFTS graduate; starting in Biological Sciences next week and Daniel Tene, a Sociology graduate, working in Language and Linguistics.

OK, that’s the official introductions. Tell us what you like to do outside of work.

  • Robin’s favourite band is The Killers and he is teaching himself how to play the piano.
  • Laura likes socialising with friends and family.
  • Jordan is in to gaming and is a big fan of the Walking Dead.
  • Nicola is the chair of a community centre and recently organised a Christmas Fayre.
  • Zoe plays squash competitively and was President of the University Squash Club as a student.
  • Eleanor loves baking and often makes cakes for friends and family.
  • Alison likes cleaning and spending time with her family.
  • Sam likes running, playing the guitar and playing the piano.
  • Cass is currently collaborating with his brother who works in illustration. They are working on content to promote on their self-built websites to gain interest from publishers.
  • Tosin is a TV presenter and has her own blog.
  • Shovita loves spending time with her child.
  • Daniel likes playing the guitar, playing video games and socialising with friends.
  • Demi was very excited that she was able to put up her Christmas tree up over the weekend.

So, what events do you have lined up for staff and students?

An image of the Essex Crown Team.

Promoting the Essex Crown.

There are four main events taking place as part of Essex Crown.

  1. The Exhibition where teams will work on a project/piece of work relating to the theme ‘Essex Community’.
  2. The Quest which is like a scavenger hunt around campus with a final riddle to solve at the end to unlock points for your department.
  3. The Contest is a department vs department team activity.
  4. The Battle of the Buttons is a video games evening.

There will also be daily puzzles and conundrums for students and staff to complete to gain points for their department. Look out for the Essex Crown logo at other events across the University to earn points for your team.

The departments in the top eight will be invited to take part in The Final Showdown, which will feature well known game show rounds, to be crowned winners.

How will people earn points toward the Essex Crown?

Two of the Essex Crown Team

Eleanor and Laura.

Just make sure you turn up! If you go to any event with an Essex Crown logo, you’ll win points for your department. For the main main events, where teams are entered, points will also be awarded to spectators. You can also get extra points if UG, PG and staff are involved in the events.

Will the winners actually win a crown and be able to walk around campus like they’ve inherited the Iron Throne?

Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t stretch as far as a crown (not this year anyway). The winning team will be awarded with a specially designed Essex Crown trophy that can take pride of place in their department. There will also be awards for the winners of the main events.

When will we find out who’s won?

The top placed team in The Final Showdown will be the winners of the Essex Crown. To ensure your department gets the chance to take part, make sure you get involved.

Sign up to the Essex Crown event page on Facebook to find out more.

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9 December 2016

Louise to represent Team GB in international ice hockey tournament

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An image of Louise Adams

Louise Adams

Student Louise Adams has been selected to represent Team GB at the 28th Winter Universiade Ice Hockey tournament in Kazakhstan.

Louise, a second year Psychology student, has been playing for Great Britain since the age of 15 and has competed at eight world championships.

In the tournament she will be facing Canada, Kazakhstan and China to go through to the next round. With the whole team coming from different universities across the UK, finding a time to train together has been hard, leaving them with only two full training camps as a team before the tournament.

Louise started playing ice hockey from the age of six, after visiting an ice rink and liking the look of the sport.

She trains in Guildford when she goes back home, but when she’s at Essex she travels to Sheffield every fortnight to play ice hockey.  She also travels up for gym sessions to focus on her strength and conditioning.

“It can be frustrating having to travel so far to play ice hockey but I enjoy my sport”, added Louise. “Even though I can’t play it every day, if I stopped, I would miss it. It’s almost like a habit!”

The 28th Winter Universiade in Kazakhstan runs from the 29 January 2017 to 8 February 2017.

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1 December 2016

Play comes close to home

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Clifftown Theatre Manager Teresa Zoers-Taylor is launching her own play in January on a subject close to her heart.

The Unlikely Life of Leonard Langley’ will be performed in the theatre on Thursday 12 January by Teresa’s newly formed Theatre Company ‘Lacuna Theatre’. The play aims to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, which Teresa was diagnosed with eight years ago.

“I started fund-raising for the MS Society after I was diagnosed, donating a few thousand pounds at a time. I felt writing this play was a way to raise some money and create something with longevity.

“I am very aware that I am lucky. I have my moments, but there are people with MS who have to sit in a dark room because light is too painful, or can’t walk or talk.  ‘The Unlikely Life of Leonard Langley’ will hopefully give people a bit more understanding.”

Teresa not only wrote this moving story of Leonard Langley who has a problem that doctors can’t fix, she also plays The Storyteller, charged with telling the tale that Leonard is too terrified to relate  himself.  The play also stars two East 15 Acting School Physical Theatre graduates, Simi Egbejumi-David and Rebecca Briley.

The production is funded through the National Lottery Fund and written and developed in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society UK.

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Staying in Southend this Christmas?

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, but bear in mind these useful safety tips from our colleagues in the Security team, whether you are staying in Southend for the holidays or heading home.

Wherever you are, keep an eye on your belongings.  Don’t leave your laptop unmonitored.

If you are out in the evening keep to familiar, well lit routes.  There are plenty of street lights between University Square, The Forum and The Gateway building. If you are heading to, or from, Clifftown Studios go via the High Street, which has lots of street lights and CCTV cameras.

If you do see anything suspicious make sure you report it. You can contact the police either on 999 or the non-emergency number 101. If you are near campus, security is on duty 24/7 and is in contact with the police, clubs and local businesses through the town’s Link Radio system. Street Rangers are on duty in the High Street until 6pm.

Be responsible with your social media posts.  If you are not aware of all the facts of any incidents first-hand, you could be frightening people unnecessarily.

When you are out and about in the evening, stay in groups and share contact details in case you are separated. Drink responsibly and don’t leave drinks unattended.

The Students’ Union lounge and the office have a stock of free personal alarms for everyone.

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