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30 September 2016

Essex intern holds businesses to account

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An Essex Business School graduate with a passion for promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) has secured an internship with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) Network UK.

Tina Kreitmayr

Tina Kreitmayr

Tina Kreitmayr, who completed an MSc Organisation Studies and International Human Resource Management in 2015, is researching how UNGC’s signatories communicate their commitment to being part of the initiative.

Tina said: “I believe that businesses need to focus on CSR, and the UNGC provides a good framework to do that. Last year I was strongly involved in projects in the humanitarian aid and international development sector, but I have a business background, so this internship really combines my two areas of interest.”

Tina developed a strong interest in human rights during a previous placement, at Minority Rights Group (MRG) International, where she conducted an employee engagement survey. Her experience at MRG also gave her the right research design skills for the UNGC internship.

Dr Manuela Nocker of Essex Business School (EBS) said: ” Tina was a great example of academic excellence at EBS. What made her stand out was her attitude and commitment in meeting the challenges of interdisciplinary thinking and acting. Her placement illustrates well how her main subjects of study of organisation and international human resource management are becoming crucial not just for businesses but also for managing the collaboration of staff across the globe in non-for profit organisations dedicated to social and human rights causes. Her placement opened up new opportunities that she is pursuing actively to develop a career where the crossing of disciplinary boundaries is vital to be successful. No doubt, a bright future awaits her!”

Once the survey phase of her project is complete Tina will report her findings and make recommendations on how UNGC signatories can improve their communications. She hopes the experience will help her find her dream job in organisational or personnel development.

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27 September 2016

Welcome to Southend

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An image of Ernst Nyrko

Ernest Nyarko, SU VP for Southend Campus

Hi lovely people, thank you for choosing the University of Essex.  I’m Ernest, your new Students’ Union VP for Southend Campus.  I was elected by fellow students to represent you and to ensure that your voices are heard and acted upon across the entire University.  I also make sure that the four promises of the Students’ Union are delivered to everyone.

What I like about this Campus

As my course is offered on the Southend Campus, I never had the chance to choose between campuses; however, even if I had the privilege, I will still choose Southend over the others!

I love the fact that this campus is in the middle of the town centre with quick access to social amenities.

You can literally grab anything you want right after lectures on the High Street, or stroll down the seafront and walk on the pier, whenever you like.  I also like the fact that it is a small community base campus and you get to know people from different departments, cultures and personalities.

Welcome to the family! We can’t wait to enjoy this campus with you!

You can contact me on:


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