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3 May 2016

Love your campus

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Love where you live...we can all do our bit to help keep campus tidy

Love where you live…we can all do our bit to help keep campus tidy

Our Estates teams work really hard to keep our campus clean and tidy. From recycling and litter to furniture and teaching spaces, they patrol campus picking up after us.

We can all do our part to help keep our Colchester Campus looking good and leaving it in a nice condition for others.

So love your campus and do your bit by:

  • Please don’t drop cigarette butts on the floor, put them in the bins
  • Please don’t spit chewing gum on the floor -its a real hassle to remove
  • Please don’t leave food or other mess in shared spaces – other people want to use those spaces too
  • Please put chairs a tables back when you’ve finished group work
  • Put your litter in the bin
  • Recycle as much as you can

We really do have a lovely place to live, study and work – let’s work together to keep it looking great.

Want to know about the teams that work on Campus?  Meet our Security Team, meet our Domestic Services Team, Meet our Grounds Team.

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