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27 January 2016

Tennis triumph

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Tennis 2 (Blog)Vice-president of the Essex Blades tennis club Clara Mayerl has been named as 2015 Volunteer of the Year for by Essex Lawn Tennis Association  for her services to the sport.

University Tennis Co-ordinator Toby Bawden said: “Clara won this award for constantly working hard to support the tennis club here at the University of Essex, her commitment both on and off the court has been a contributing factor in the clubs success since her time here. From raising money for charity events to giving 100 % on a Wednesday she is always committed to the club. “

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22 January 2016

Click- making great ideas happen

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ClickClick is our new crowdfunding platform for students and staff.  If you have a great idea for a project, but you need some cash to get things off the ground, Click could help you turn your ideas into a reality.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of funding projects by raising lots of small amounts of money from a large number of people. This is usually done via the internet. Donors pledge a donation to your project and in exchange they receive tangible, non-monetary ‘rewards’ such as an e-card, t-shirt, tickets to your show or a DVD. Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient, and effective if done right. The more creative you are, the more likely it is you’ll get funded.

Some of our successful projects

In our 5 week launch we raised over £10,000 for 8 students projects. Some of them include:

  • University of Essex Law Society wanted to expand their legal awareness and citizenship knowledge programme Street Law. They raised £406.
  • Southend Societies Guild needed a Canon Camera to increase students’ engagement. They managed to raise £528.
  • Davide Valeriani – EyeWink raised funds to develop EyeWink, an innovative Smartphone Application that enables the user to control their mobile phone through winking.  Successfully raised £4,306.

Top 5 tips to be successful

Prepare your project/idea carefully – provide clear description, set a reasonable and achievable minimum target,  be clear in what you would be using the money for

Create a buzz – You’re excited about your project so tell your friends, family, and other members of your institution or organisation. These will be your advocates who will help spread your project (if you ask them to) and create an early flurry of activity on your page. Lining up your first donations pre-launch is critical in creating momentum

Be creative– make an interesting video, post pictures and updates about your project

Set a rewards scheme – the most successful crowdfunding projects involve LOTS of sponsors, donating SMALL amounts. That’s why it’s important to have cool rewards under £50. Projects with rewards under £20 are 83% more likely to be successful than those without.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – Be social and share your great idea on all possible digital platforms.  You can also ask anyone you’ve interacted with to share your project with their networks or send polite reminders every couple of weeks to all your friends/family.

Is my project suitable for funding?

  • Examples of projects suitable for crowdfunding include:
  • Funding a new piece of equipment for a sports team or society
  • Supporting performances and theatrical or film productions
  • Trips and expeditions
  • Competition entry (sporting or other)
  • Community and volunteering projects
  • Conferences and events
  • Entrepreneurship and social enterprise

Your project must reflect at least one of the four core values of our University. Find out more on our Crowdfunding pages.

Why use Click for funding your project?

Click logoYou don’t pay anything. We cover the costs of the platform and payment processing fees, so that you always get 100% of the value of your pledges.

You receive all the support you need from the Advancement Office – regular meetings, catch ups ,workshops and  personal advice on how to present your project in the best way.

For more information visit our Crowdfunding pages.

The University of Essex will moderate comments and there will be a delay before any posts appear.