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14 August 2015

Returning students – get access to our new buildings

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Look out for our new access control readers on our new buildings

Look out for our new access control readers on our new buildings

Welcome back to all our returning students!

You may have noticed that while you were away we opened our two new buildings, the Silberrad Student Centre and the new extension to the Albert Sloman Library.

In order to ensure you can access these new facilities around the clock, we’ve introduced some access control points at the entrances.

As a returning student your University card will not yet be programmed to give you access to these buildings – but don’t worry, programming your card is easy!

  • To programme your card, simply go to one of the online readers situated outside these buildings and hold your card to the reader for approximately ten seconds.
  • The LED light will flash blue then green. You will also hear an audible bleep.
  • Once the LED has stopped flashing and the audible bleep has stopped, you can remove your card.
  • It is now programmed, and you can gain access to those areas you are authorised for.

There will be card readers at the entrances to:

  • Main Entrance of the Silberrad Student Centre (SSC)
  • Entrance to the Hub in the SSC (1st Floor)
  • Entrance to the SSC reading room (2nd Floor)
  • Entrance to the Library reading room
  • Entrance to the PHD lab in the Library extension
  • Entrance to the Tony Rich Teaching Centre
  • Main and lower entrances of the Essex Business School

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