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30 June 2014

People Manager is back

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People manager is part of iTrent, our HR and payroll system

People manager is part of iTrent, our HR and payroll system

People Manager, our self-service online tool for organising annual leave and sickness reporting is back.

Thanks to the valuable feedback from the first pilot groups, a number of changes have been made to make the system even more user-friendly. Changes include an enhanced and improved landing page, which will be ready for roll-out later this summer, improvements to how the system records, calculates and displays annual leave entitlement and improvements to the peer calendar which allows you to book your leave around your colleagues.

The system will vastly improve the way we organise sickness absence and annual leave, providing an easy way to ensure there is parity, fairness and transparency for everyone. Rather than chasing out-dated leave cards which can easily become lost or damaged, HR Organiser will allow you to see how much leave you have, see when your colleagues are booking time off and allow you to request your leave at the click of a button.

Full time and part time workers will all benefit, with leave entitlements being calculated in hours, showing exactly how much you’re entitled to and how much you have got left to take. The system will take into account varied working patterns and Bank Holidays. The system will simplify management of our diverse workforce, allowing managers to apply a consistency across their teams so everyone across our working spectrum has their leave managed fairly and consistently.

For managers the benefits are significant too. People Manager will allow easier monitoring of unusual working patterns, easier recording of absence and far greater ease in signing off leave requests. They will be able to see who is on leave when and easily monitor sickness absence to ensure teams are never left short staffed.

Alan Charnock, Deputy Director of Human Resources, explained: “We all know change is difficult so we’ve worked hard to listen to the Pilot group’s feedback and have made changes to make sure the system is as stress-free as possible. A paper-based system is no longer fit for purpose, so while we expect some people will take a while to warm to the system, it is something we must pursue and adopt as quickly as is feasible. People Manager has been very successful in a number of other universities and we intend for it to be just as successful here.”

The second pilot phase will see the system rolled out to pilot professional services sections; Finance, HR and ISS with the remainder of the professional services sections being included by September.

Managers in each of the pilot teams will receive a direct email with instructions and guidance on how to get started in the coming weeks.

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10 February 2014

People Manager is coming

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People manager is part of iTrent, our HR and payroll system

People Manager is part of iTrent, our HR and payroll system

Say goodbye to lost paper records and duplication – say hello to People Manager.

People Manager is a management self-service tool that will allow for real-time sickness reporting and online annual leave authorisation. It will also bring administrative benefits like making lost paper records and duplication things of the past.

Like HR Organiser, People Manager is also driven by iTrent – the core HR and Payroll system.  The iTrent system has a range of uses and modules which are being introduced in phases,  helping us simplify and bring consistency to our management tasks.

People Manager will be piloted within HR, Finance, ISS and UKDA before a phased roll-out to ensure a smooth transition across the University.  All Professional Services sections will go live from 1 April 2014 followed by the Faculties over the next 12 months.

Look out for up-dates in Essex Weekly over the coming weeks


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20 January 2014

Make a New Year’s Resolution to get online and go paperless

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HR Organiser

Get online and go paperless in 2014

HR Organiser gives you easy access to view and amend your employment data and view your payslips in a secure way.

More features will be added this year, so this is the perfect time to make HR Organiser your own space to keep track of pay and personal information.

By opting to receive your payslips online, you can either have your payslips emailed to your home email account or you can simply log into HR organiser and view them as a PDF.

If you forget the password which you set up to protect your emailed payslip – simply log onto HR Organiser using your University log-in details and view the slip online.

There are plenty of hints and tips to get you started on the HR Organiser web page.

The University is increasing its use of online HR and finance tools. Don’t get left behind, make sure you know what’s happening with your details.

Not based at a PC?

HR organiser is for everyone so if you’re not doing a PC based job we have placed some PCs in corridors around Colchester campus for you to use. Just log-in with your usual University log-in details, go to HR Organiser and view your payslip or amend any of your details.

The PCs can be found at:

  • Square 4 Entrance 4NE, next to Barclays Bank
  • LTB level 4 in left hand corner
  • Near the Estates Cleaning Supervisors office 4N3.2

There are also three existing i-desks in the Estates corridor, near the Estates helpdesk.

Need printed versions?

If you ever need printed versions of your payslips they are available to you at the touch of a button. There is no need to keep lots of paper versions at home, all you have to do is locate the ones you want and print them off. Most financial institutions will be happy to accept these.

Smart phone user?

HR Organiser is not just useful while you’re at your desk, it is also supported by Android, iPhone and Windows 8 which means you can view and check your payslip while you’re out and about.

Coming soon

Soon you’ll also be able to request your annual leave through HR Organiser. Paper records will soon be a thing of the past as you’ll be able to request holidays through the system and all your manager has to do is log on and agree the dates.

HR Organiser is here to make your working life easier, make 2014 the year you get HR organised.

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