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12 September 2019

Registration for 2019/20 parking opens at 8am on Tuesday 17 September

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How to apply

Register your vehicle online.

Unlike in previous years, permits do not automatically roll over so you must re-register in order to have a parking permit for 2019/20.

Please note:

  • You can register a maximum of two vehicles per staff member.
  • Please ensure the vehicle registration is entered correctly with no spaces (a common inputting error is a zero 0 being entered instead of the letter O or vice versa).
  • You can find details of the various parking options in the Fees and payment section of our website.
  • Please make sure you register for parking and adhere to our updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Number plates are checked by our parking enforcement team. If your car isn’t registered the visitor parking rates apply.
  • For all Occasional or General permit holders, parking is pay-on-arrival.
  • All permits for 2018/19 expire on 30 September.

Reserved parking spaces

Reserved parking spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve yours register your vehicle online, selecting the ‘reserved permit’ option.

Changes to parking fees for 2019/20

Parking fees for some types of permits have increased slightly. Please see our Fees and payment to find out more.

Rules and regulations

Parking Charge Notices remain at £20. This will be reduced to £10 if the charge is paid within 14 days.

Changes to the rules and regulations for driving, parking and registering vehicles for our Colchester Campus can be found on our staff parking page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Estates Helpdesk on ext. 2959 or email

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23 August 2019

Take a pew…new seating planned for all campus Squares

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Example of how new seating will look

Example of how some of the new seating will look.

We all know how important the Squares are on campus – they are the true hub of the University and are great places to meet.

So we’ve decided to make them even more the heart of our community by improving seating and lighting in all five Squares and the Silberrad Student Centre plaza.

We are adding seating units with lighting to Square 1, powered by solar panels, and also two learning units where people can meet and work.

The café and eateries on the Squares are getting modern benches and tables and the Students’ Union bar will have new picnic-style benches.

Square 5 will have a larger central seating area and improved lighting which includes a lighting projector where messages can be displayed on the paving.

The plans will include:

  • new seating with lighting to Square 1, powered by solar panels
  • seating around eateries on Squares 2, 3, 4 and outside the Lakeside Theatre café
  • more seating in Square 5
  • new lighting in Square 5 and the Silberrad Student Centre plaza
  • new seating overlooking the lower lake outside the Silberrad Student Centre



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Can you help us welcome our new students?

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Welcome and Registration volunteers – we need your help!

Could you spare some time to volunteer during Arrivals Day or Welcome this year?

The Registration and Student Experience teams are busy preparing for the start of the new academic year and are keen to hear from anyone who can donate some of their time to support Welcome and Registration events for our new students in October.

Help is needed on Arrivals Day, Sunday 29 September, as well as during Welcome Week. This is a great way to have positive contact with students who will be grateful for all the help and support they can get to make their transition into University life a smooth one.  It’s also a chance to work with staff and student volunteers from across the institution so it really is a win/win opportunity.

If you’d like to get involved in activities that aren’t part of your usual job please speak to your line manager and complete the online form and the team will be in touch.

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Cycling to campus and reducing our carbon footprint

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Cycling to work plays a key part in reducing our carbon footprint, improving the health of staff and students and managing our environmental impact.

New cycle parking now located under the STEM building.

As a University, we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by 43% against a 2005 baseline by 2020/21 through energy usage, but our community’s travel emissions are important too.

As a step to meet this goal, we are keen to encourage our community to cycle to work. Please see more about the cycle scheme we offer staff.  Currently, we have 15 cycle rack locations across our Colchester Campus ranging from The Copse to the Sports Arena.

We have also recently installed a number of cycle hoops following the completion of the STEM building. These are located underneath the STEM Building and can be accessed via Valley Road.

With the introduction of cycle storage at both ends of Valley Road, cycling the full length of Under Podia will no longer be permitted. This change is to ensure the safety of all cyclists.

Since last year we have increased our cycle storage provision by adding over 100 additional spaces. In total that will bring us to over 1100 cycle spaces across our Colchester Campus.

We are also going to move the Cycle Fixing Station and bike pump under Square 5 by the two tier cycle rack to beside one of the supporting pillars alongside the cycle hoops opposite. This will allow for cyclists to support their bike safely whilst work is undertaken.

An additional repair station will also be installed in North Towers Cycle Park by Rayleigh Tower; both works will take place by the end of September 2019.

We have added additional dates for Dr Bike to be on campus over the summer to provide servicing, repairs and affordable second-hand bikes on the following dates:

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Cycle parking under podia

They will be located on Square 5 from 8.30am- 2.30pm. For further information on Dr Bike please visit our webpages

Finally we are updating some of our cycling signage across campus, clarifying a number of pedestrian only access routes to the Squares and where it’s appropriate to cycle under podia. This work is anticipated to take place in September.

We want to make the University campus a safe place for everyone. Please find the link to our recently updated cycling rules on campus

If you would like to find out more information about cycling on campus please visit the Estates webpages.

Our Sustainability and Transport team have also undertaken a full review of travel and infrastructure which has included stakeholder engagement, surveys and pop up stands.

Based on the findings the team will be creating a set of initiatives to allow growth and development within our approaches to travelling around the University. External stakeholders have also been brought on board to advise on ways to improve journeys to and from campus.

If you need any further advice on cycling please contact

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9 August 2019

Southend mural raises awareness of modern slavery

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Dr Stephen Jordan of our Centre for Social Work, has worked with SAMS Southend Against Modern Slavery Partnership to create a new mural in Southend highlighting the continued problem of slavery in our society. 

Where is the mural located?

The mural is under the railway bridge on Southend High Street.

Who painted it?

The artist was Nik Vaughn, who has created other murals, and he was also helped by members of Project 49, a community based organisation providing services for adults with learning disabilities, who helped in the painting and preparation.

What is the message the mural would like people to understand?

Sadly slavery did not disappear when it was officially abolished by parliament in 1833. Trafficking is often the means by which people end up in situations of slavery. People are trafficked by force, fraud, coercion or deception with the aim of exploiting them and it is estimated that tens of thousands of people have been trafficked to the UK, as well as vulnerable people, already resident in the UK, who have been exploited and forced to live effectively as slaves. Modern day slavery exists in the form of people who are used for forced labour in industries such as agriculture, construction, hospitality, illegal drug production, nail bars and car washes. Many women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Why is it important to raise awareness of modern slavery today?

Modern day slavery is a hidden crime and remains as one of the greatest evils of our time. By raising awareness through campaigns such as ours in Southend can we can start to help people recognise the signs of modern day slavery and reach out to the people who are victims.

What is the connection to the human rights work/social care research of the University?

The University held a conference last year on 12 December as part of our work with the Southend Against Modern Slavery Partnership. Social work has a long and proud history of safeguarding and challenging the abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Modern slavery is an issue of national importance. One example of modern slavery is that children’s care homes have been ‘actively targeted’ to coerce vulnerable children into becoming drug mules or for sexual exploitation. Many children are trafficked into the UK and there are a significant number of British nationals affected by modern slavery.

The project was featured in an article in the Evening Echo

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2 August 2019

Results embargo 9-15 August

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We receive the A-level and BTEC results in advance of applicants, and these results are strictly embargoed until they have been released to applicants.

This year, the results embargo period will be from 2pm on Friday 9 August to 6am on Thursday 15 August 2019.

We receive the results on the Friday, and applicants receive them on the following Thursday.

The embargo covers:

  • Direct communication from the University to an applicant in relation to their actual examination results.
  • Communication of a decision to an applicant that is based on their exam results – for example confirming during the embargo period that an applicant has changed from conditional firm (CF) to unconditional firm (UF), or that they have been offered a place at Essex.
  • Implied communication – for example asking an applicant to apply for accommodation during the embargo period implies that they have received a place. This is incredibly important to note as this is where the majority of breaches occur.

A breach of the embargo could result in a financial penalty, or the University losing its privilege of receiving results prior to applicants, so it’s really important that anyone who may have contact with applicants is aware of it.

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31 July 2019

Meet our new Head of Student Development

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Daniel Fox is our new Head of Student Development. We met up with him to find out more about his role and what plans he has for the future of Student Development at Essex.

Daniel Fox, Head of Student Development.

Who is Daniel Fox? / What did you do before coming to Essex?

This is my first role within Higher Education, and I am delighted to have become a part of the University of Essex family at a very exciting time. I have spent the last 20 years working in Secondary Schools, with the last 12 years in school leadership. A lot of my work in this time has focussed on student development, wellbeing and inclusion. I decided that after a long time in this sector I wanted a new challenge. The role of Head of Student Development not only provides the challenge I seek, but allows me to review and evaluate the impact of what is currently offered within the University and how we can further improve and develop that offer. I strongly believe that students deserve transformational education experiences and support to help them be successful not just at university but throughout their lives.

What will you be doing?

I will be leading the development of the new Student Development service, which leads and supports student development activities across the student lifecycle, facilitating effective transition into our learning community, enabling students to have the study skills and wider personal development opportunities they need to succeed. These activities will not only help students to achieve their academic potential, but will also build confidence, resilience and the necessary experience to progress successfully into the next stage of their life and career, which may include further study and the world of work.

As well as providing strategic direction and leading the continued development of the Student Development service in pursuit of the best possible experience for our students, I will support the delivery of our Education Strategy, specifically the institutional focus on student progression, success and graduate employability, and will work closely with relevant stakeholders to promote initiatives and projects to enhance student success and progression.

What are your priorities for the coming months?

As well as establishing the new service and meeting with key stakeholders, I will be focusing on:

  • Delivery of career development learning and embedded skills sessions – meeting commitments agreed with departments. Review and evaluation of embedded learning activity and determining needs for 2020 onwards.
  • Evaluation of impact – we must ensure that we make the most effective use of our engagement with students. Activities must be designed and implemented with a view to measurable impact and with the flexibility to adapt with the changing needs of our students and staff. We want to provide a service which reflects the needs of different academic disciplines and recognizes the fluidity of a student’s development journey. In order to do this, we must have a good understanding of trends and emerging risks, and be responsive and agile to addressing them.
  • Looking at making sure what we offer is clear and accessible and offers demonstrable benefit, and marketing/communicating this to students and staff.

Why has the University introduced this new role?

This new role is part of the University’s commitment to deliver excellence in education and the delivery to provide a transformational education.

We need to adapt to the changing and future needs of our students, in terms of how they learn and access support, as well as how we can effectively prepare them for their future careers and lives. As the environment in which we work changes to support new and changing priorities, the structural needs and services also need to develop so that they continue to be fit for purpose. Through the creation of the Student Development service, we aim to achieve a more holistic approach to student development and, over time, a consolidation of initiatives with a greater emphasis on outputs and impact.

What changes can we expect to see as a result of the creation of the new Student Development team?

Access to Student Development services will be integrated into our broader student services delivered by the Student Services Hub (across all three campuses) in a way that maximises and protects service profile and quality and engagement among students.

It has been the intention to have a one-stop-shop approach, giving all students easy and clear access to services. This is also an opportunity to ensure parity of experience across our campuses is achieved, as well as extending opening times to students who want to access these services and methods of access e.g. Livechat function will also be available.

What do students need to know about the changes? Where should they go if they want to discuss support?

Please direct students to the Student Services Hub for initial enquiries.

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18 July 2019

New academic building set for Colchester Campus

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 architects image of the new academic building Colchester Campus

Our new academic building will provide accommodation for staff and help us provide a transformational educational experience for our students.

Our University Strategy 2019-25 maps out an exciting period of growth for our University, anticipating expansion to 20,000 students and 1,000 researchers.

Our Capital Investment Plan outlines the ways in which we will accommodate this growth, including plans for a new Academic Building on our Colchester Campus.

The proposed £26m new building will house approximately 250 staff while also helping us provide a transformational learning experience for our students through multi-functional learning spaces, collaborative working spaces, study spaces, adaptable events spaces, a common room, department receptions and a café.

Situated on the north side of Colchester Campus the project will also see the refurbishment of Rayleigh square to provide outdoor space for socialising and outdoor study and learning. See what the new building will look like on Flickr.

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5 July 2019

Winners Revealed: Green Impact Awards 2019

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Staff from across the University gathered in the Secret Garden on Thursday 4 July for our annual Green Impact Awards ceremony.

People at the Green Impact awards

Staff at the Green Impact Awards

The awards recognise the achievements of staff who are completing sustainable actions throughout the academic year.

Hosted by Daisy Malt, Sustainability Engagement Officer, the annual event brings together our Green Impact network and highlighted how many people are already working hard to reduce the impact their departments are having on the environment.

At the event, Daisy announced: “This has definitely been the best Green Impact year yet. A record-breaking 12 teams achieved Gold, plus three completed their own Gold Project. Everyone continues to show such enthusiasm to make sustainable changes on campus and it’s exciting to see how much has been achieved.

“Each and every action you take is a choice to do things differently. I never fail to be impressed by your commitment, creativity and enthusiasm for environmental and social responsibility. I’m excited for the journey we’re all going to be taking.”

Guest speaker, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Jules Pretty, discussed the importance of acting quickly to address our carbon profile. He also recognised the University’s 37% drop in carbon profile is ‘remarkable’ in light of the ever-growing staff and students here at Essex.

What’s next?

• To find out how you can get involved with our own Green Impact community, contact Daisy Malt.

• Take a look at the full list of this year’s winners below

See the photos from the event on the Sustainability team’s Facebook page.

Accommodation South Courts A3
North 2
Organisational Development (HR)
Southend Campus
University Square

Academic Registrar’s Office
ECS Marketing & Communications
Essex Pathways
UKDA Green Team
Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Academic Services
Accommodation Operational Office
Estate Management Section
Faculty of Science and Health
Faculty of Social Sciences Offices
Humanities Faculty Office
Talent Development Centre
Vice-Chancellors Office

Gold Project
Event Essex Green Team
Wivenhoe House

Little Choices Big Changes
CER Central team

Green Contractor
Rose Builders

Special award winners:
Essex Food: Environmental Champions
Susan Stedman: Recycling Champion
Kerry Wade: Accommodation Advocate
Jane Hindley: Environmental Education Champion
Amy Sheridan: Social and Environmental Responsibility Champion
Jackie Madden: Newbie Award


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28 June 2019

Reaching out to young people this summer

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Two summer schools will invite young people to our campus this summer to learn about and experience university life.

Over the next two weeks, the Outreach team will be welcoming around 150 students onto our Colchester Campus for a university residential experience that they will never forget.

Our summer schools are designed for students who come from backgrounds that are underrepresented in higher education and are the perfect opportunity for them to discover more about university. They raise aspirations, knowledge and attainment through an innovative set of activities.

Two summer schools will give students the opportunity to immerse themselves into university life, both academically through taster sessions and socially as they will be staying in our University accommodation.

Our year 10 summer school, funded through Make Happen – the Essex partnership for the National Collaborative Outreach Program-  will see students taking part in a one-night residential, working with University of Essex academics to produce an academic poster arguing passionately for or against one of the following topics:

Year 12 visitors will experience the five-day programme filled with lectures, seminars, and independent research time to prepare them for university applications and degree-level academic writing. As part of the application process, students were invited to write a  500-word application on one of the following strands:

  • Mental Health Uncut: Critically consider the role of social media in the development of mental health problems.
  • Detention in the USA: Trump has detained many asylum seeking families, do you think this affects people’s Human Rights?
  • Global Meltdown: Young people in the UK are not affected by worldwide environmental concerns. Discuss.
  • Biological Sciences: A life for a life: Is the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research justified? Argue passionately for and against.
  • Business Studies: Write about somebody in business you admire: Tell us why you think they make a good business person. Think about their professional image, behaviour and reputation.
  • Literature, Film and Theatre Studies: Delve into the fascinating world of relationships by immersing yourself in one of our key texts. Critically analyse how relationships are depicted in your text by writing an essay. Or, you may feel inspired to write a poem, song, rap, short story, piece of drama, epilogue or prologue.

Both year groups will be living in our on campus accommodation, using the academic and social facilities and experiencing life as a University of Essex student. Current students act as role models throughout the summer school to share their experiences and inspire them to follow their footsteps into university.

Summer schools are part of the University’s outreach program of activity which is designed to work with underrepresented groups in higher education and give them to tools and confidence needed to progress to Higher Education. More information about the University’s outreach activities can be found on our outreach website.

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