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15 July 2020

Healthy from Home challenge success stories

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Stuart Henty, our Workplace Wellbeing Manager, shares your success stories from the ‘Healthy from Home’ challenge.

We hope you enjoyed and benefited from the recent four week Healthy from Home Challenge.

Stuart Henty

Stuart Henty, Workplace Wellbeing Manager

It isn’t finished however, as even if you didn’t take part you are still able to access Kaido Experiments. These are programmes that you can use to proactively manage areas of your health and wellbeing that are important to you. From kicking caffeine to breathing better to beat stress, Kaido Experiments can support you to make improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Congratulations to the 140 members of staff that took part in the challenge, forming 27 teams. In particular, well done to our the Pre-Award Team (REO), ISER Staff and Students and Team IADS who came in the top three. The Fab Four were also the lucky winners of Stonehenge Tickets in a milestone prize draw.

We have loved seeing you engaging with the programme and have recorded 275,075 minutes of physical activity, 30,409 minutes of meditation and 2,311 reflections.

Key highlights include:

  • 74% of staff noticing an improvement in their health
  • 88% feeling the challenge helped them to better cope with the current lockdown
  • 45% feeling calmer
  • 51% feeling more motivated to improve their own health and wellbeing

Thank you all again who participated in the challenge.

If you have feedback about the challenge or want to find out more about the Kaido Experiments, please email Stuart Henty.


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