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8 July 2020

Help us tackle hate crime

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To help tackle problems with hate crime, our Colchester and Southend campuses have been assigned as Hate crime Incident Reporting Centres (HIRC).

A HIRC is a location whereby our staff and students can receive support from trained Hate Crime Ambassadors (HCAs) in reporting hate crimes to the Police in a safe environment. HIRCs and HCAs also help to raise awareness as to what hate crime is and why it’s important that it’s reported. HIRCs are particularly beneficial to support people who may not feel confident or comfortable to go directly to the Police.

We would like to ensure that as many front-facing staff as possible are trained as Hate Crime Ambassadors (HCAs). Essex Police will be providing the training free of charge to anyone wishing to become an HCA via Zoom on Tuesday 21 July from 10am. The training will be around 90 minutes.

Please contact Suzanne Harrison for more details.

You can find out more about hate crime and the support we offer to people experiencing hate crime on our Report and Support platform.


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